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The Official TPR Video Thread!

P. 69 - Every Energylandia Roller Coaster!

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Great video!  I'd have to put Thunderbolt at my #1 woodie, since all my other #1s are gone or have been changed so much.  There is nothing better than riding a single-bench wood coaster with good curves.  And drops for that matter.  No matter how hard I try 😅 many new coaster trains (in perticular, RMC, sorry guys...) just don't do it with me; I appreciate a good design, but the trains make or break the coaster for me.  I like to be able to move my legs and enjoy real air time - where my butt moves away from the seat.

Thunderbolt has a great variety layout.  I'm sad to hear the park isn't running as well, in addition to Thunderbolt only running one train frequently.  They used to have 3 in the station; 2 running and one in transfer.  Let's get them trains moving!  I was bummed about the seatbelts, but let's hope Kennywood keeps it in it's present form for many years.  We don't have many classic wood coaster trains running anymore, just a handful really.  I'll enjoy them as much as I can while I can. 

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For myself, that last part of the run is perfect.  I do love all of it, but....

....Starting with the three tunnels and just 'eventually' coming back to the station. And still thrilling.

Sort of, reminds me of, Lightning Rod's return to it's station, all the way down that hill.

Really great. Thanks for the vid, Robb.

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Happy Monday everyone!

We have a brand new TPR roller coaster video for you and this is a BIG ONE!  All 17 roller coasters at Energylandia including Zadra, Hyperion, Abyssus and a lot more!


Have a great week, everyone!

--Robb Alvey

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