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The Official TPR Video Thread!

P. 69 - EVERY house from HHN 31!

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It's amazing what "a little tree landscaping" here and there, can transform any ride into an adventure of it's own. 😀 Jet Coaster itself was really nothing special to me, especially with those not-very-exciting dips in it. But I still really enjoyed the ride, with not being able to see all of it's track, ahead of me. All trees. Everywhere! And - I would kill to see what they could or would do for a "Halloween layover" of it, with spooks and ghouls all around in the forest, there. That would be great to ride thru. 👻


Jet Coaster's in there.... somewhere. TPR 2013 Japan Tour.

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This coaster has been one of my Ultimate Bucket List Coasters, to ride! (And the park too, well yeah.)

I have known about it for years and years, with old magazine articles, etc.

Great ride on it, Robb. Thanks for posting a vid of this classic!

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