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The Official TPR Video Thread!

P. 67 - Yomiuriland's White Canyon was AWFUL!!!

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^^ really great version.


it's been years since I've ridden the one in Orlando (so likely that one has upgraded since then). .but I recall passing a whole section of oversized "blacklight" neon cut-outs.. . going thru "downtown L.A." perhaps? -- and remember thinking it was charming, but tacky.


this Paris one tho. . all industrial, and lights. . like being in the middle of a concert: a little disorienting, but a ton of fun.


this is GREAT.


Orlando's and Paris' are different versions of the same ride.


While the American RNR is themed to a limusine heading for a concert, thus passing through the giant cut-outs as if you were rushing around LA, the European counterpart is themed to an experiment where you are part of a 'soundtracker' by which you are part of the music itself and the showlights just help create a different atmosphere to each soundtracker.


Paris' RNR used to have 5 soundtrackers in rotation, each fitted with a different array of songs/light package, creating multiple experiences for the same ride. I don't know how the effects are holding up as it's been a long time since I last visited the resort.

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Whenever I see people lined up to ride an SLC, this comes to mind.  

Holy crap, you just brought back 20-year-old memories!  Back in 2000 my dad and I were in line and asked the guy assigning rows for the front row.  He warned us about the bugs without even thinking ab

The excessively padded trains were a warning to unwary riders.

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^ Disney Paris' version is sooo good. I hope they can keep the intensity up,

in both music and lights, when they do the Marvel conversion on it.


Awesome video, Robb!

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^ I like that you guys are doing these compilation videos because its similar to the viral Buzzfeed type videos so popular these days but obviously you guys have actual factual info to accompany your videos, which is crucial imo.


Also, as always great video! (I'd still be willing to buy a RCITR dvd in 2018 lmao)

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Great video! I like the idea of copying those viral "weird coasters" videos but then having a list that's not absolutely terrible.

Well, to be honest, I didn't actually copy them because I wasn't aware they existed (and still have not actually gone to search for them) until I've read this thread! lol I don't mean for this to sound obnoxious, but I rarely watch roller coaster videos that aren't ours on YouTube. I just have no interest...

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^ It's in Movie Park Germany. And that looks just as bad for the crotch as it did,

when it didn't tilt forward. Flashback to the TPR 2008 Tour.


That video looks just as scary, as when we rode it back in 2008.


After the fall ~ Larry still holding on; Brian checking to see if everything's still there. TPR 2008 Europe Tour.

The "pointy arrowheads" on the surrounding fence was a nice visual touch, too. :p


And here's Chuck. Thanks for the shot, Robb! (o:

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