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The Official TPR Video Thread!

P. 68 - Kraken at SeaWorld Orlando!

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Notice at the beginning of the video on the transfer track there seams to be stand up trains under tarps.


I wonder how that ride will be...


I didn't think it looked too badly actually. Even the OTSRs didn't look that bad.

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Take a ride on the legendary Loch Ness Monster roller coaster!  

The setting enhances this ride--much nicer to glide through the trees than just over a concrete slab.

Whenever I see people lined up to ride an SLC, this comes to mind.  

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Same layout as SkyRider at Canada's Wonderland - minus the double down after the second airtime hill. This layout is really solid, and rides fairly well as a standup. Someone mentioned that the helix looks a little rough, and they are correct, although, the sitting trains might improve the head banging. Anyways, lots of airtime in the front row of these coasters, and actually a pretty decent ride!

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Let's give some crap to: boughtontroy


Send an email to robbalvey@themeparkreview.com with your contact information and "Video Crap" in the subject.


Ready for another weird Japanese coaster? How about the first ever "SCREAM POWERED ROLLER COASTER!"


Yes, you read that right! Check out this bizarre family coaster at Suzuka Circuit:


If we get 25 comments before we post the next video, we'll give away a Bag-O-Crap!

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That actually looks like a really cool and unique family coaster! It's very long and the idea of screaming and accelerating is bizarre but great at the same time. I guess that's something you only find in awesome Japan!

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Looks like a fun coaster. Not sure I like all the stops. Seems like every time the coaster builds up some speed you are at a new section again.

It probably helps them to be able to run a bunch of cars at once.

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^ Gotta give you credit for that


I can see something like that in America at a Legoland. I think it would be a perfect ride!

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Ready for another weird Japanese coaster? How about the first ever "SCREAM POWERED ROLLER COASTER!"




that is a STUPID AWESOME idea!


love it!


even if the volume of the scream doesn't really tie to how fast one goes, it's still a fantastic interactive idea to make the coaster more fun.


not only the scream, and the mix of launch, chain lift, and tires, but the way it interacts with the suspended ride AND the boats?


I'm absolutely loving this.


I'm kinda scared to hope it caches on -- I mean. . can you IMAGINE the "Faart" coaster in Germany on the next TPR tour?


(talk about a "bag o crap")



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