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The Official TPR Video Thread!

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The loading station and the pat down which led to the eventual


to put everything, from loose change, to a rubber band, true!


That was memorable, without even riding the coaster, lol.

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I think the real question here is, will the bag-o-crap conatain sea lions and orgasming women?


can you imagine *that* BoC trying to get thru overseas Customs????

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Thanks Robb and Elissa, for the Awesome Box-O-Crap


Got home from a weekend away and look what i find!!!!!


Lots of Goodies in here, Cant wait to see what there is!




Lots Of Maps, Including some that gave me previews of the Japan and Scandi Trip in a few weeks/Months


Some Cool Indian Taxi's


T-Shirts, Sandals, Backpack, and a cup!


And an I-Tunes gift card!!!!! Thanks again.

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Finally after many years of failed attempts, I got my first bag o crap! I will open it and post photos here as soon as I get back to my house in Switzerland! For the moment I just want to thank Robb for this!




I love seeing the videos of the coasters too, so waiting for the next one Robb posts in this thread

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I just have to say... the bags of crap have gotten intensely awesome over the years. Kudos!


I feel that this is like the oscars of TPR!


They look amazing, can't wait to see peoples' photos of the bags of crap!!

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Someone really needed to trim their bush. On top of that that really disturbing lift sound could've drove a sane person nuts. All in all looked like a once decent ride, kinda like a knock-off of the Thunderbolt in Australia.




That's EXACTLY what struck me about this video. I have NEVER seen a lift hill drowning in shrubbery like that. Aren't they concerned about the wear + tear to the track & ride vehicles????? #weird

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I'm sorry for the delay but here's the photos!


Finally I got my first Bag O Crap!


Yes, it is from Theme Park Review!


Two items from Insane Coaster World! Looks like a fridge magnet and some lips caring thing! :)


Some TPR random stuff: a rain poncho, a TPR pen, a Team TPR pin, a Club TPR sticker and an awesome Instantly Cooling Towel!


Random maps and brochure, part 1!


Random maps and brochures , part 2!


And finally the main piece: the latest TPR Roller Coaster in the RAW DVD and a bonus DVD which is Roller Coaster Expedition Vol. 8!

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Let's give away a Bag-O-Crap to: traincrossin Drop me an email to robbalvey@themeparkreview.com with your contact info and put "Video Crap" in the email subject.


Here's our next video... If we get 25 responses, we'll give away a Bag-o-Crap!


OMG! We actually rode...and SURVIVED a Togo Looping Death Machine at Washuzan Highland in Japan that was running...




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That should not be a thing that exists in this world.


I don't know, if it's that much fun maybe it deserves to continue its existence.

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