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PTR of, Happy Halloween Weekends @ Holiday World

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Went to Holiday World's, Happy Halloween Weekends, had a blast. Started the day by watching the Magic Show, it was good, some really nice tricks. Next we took the " Hay Ride" to the Corn Mazes, went for the BIG one, was lost for about 45 minutes. Checked out the Musical Show, " Graveyard Smash", it was very entertaining, they worked their butts off. Did the Mummy's Treasure Maze, it was OK, but Holidog's 3D Adventure was Fantastic. It had some really cool 3D affects, plus the Tunnel, really threw your Equilibrium off. Voyage in the Dark was Awesome, 3/4 of it was very enjoyable, but after that last 90 Degree turn, it was a little rough " but there going to work on that this Winter". To End the Night they had a Awesome Laser Light Show, that concluded with the Cast of Graveyard Smash dancing to " Thriller".


All in all, I had a great experience and I would recommend it to Everyone.


Welcome to Happy Halloween Weekends


Halloween has taken over Christmas.


Loved these Tombstone's


The Christmas Tree is no more.


Loved all the Fall Decoration's throughout the Park


Gourdon the Story Telling Pumpkin. He told Stories a few times a day.


The Rapids, was taken over by Goblin's.


Even the Animal's in Splashin' Safari, put on a Costume.


They had all these Hay Bales painted along the Hay Ride or the Path, you walked, to the Corn Mazes.


Here was a Mummy


This one is for Holiday Worlds newest Mascot, Kitty Klaws.


Graveyard Smash, was " Frightfully Entertaining" and worth watching.


They added their own "Spooky Touch" to some of today's hits.


The Laser Show at the end of the night, was well worth staying for.


They played some really cool " Halloween Themed" music.


To end the Show, the cast of " Graveyard Smash" came out and danced to Thriller. Was a fantastic day and I'll definitely go back next year!

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So were the mazes more geared towards families and kids? Looks like great event, it's good to see Holiday World getting into the Halloween game and I can't wait to see how this thing evolves in the future.

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So were the mazes more geared towards families and kids? Looks like great event, it's good to see Holiday World getting into the Halloween game and I can't wait to see how this thing evolves in the future.



Yes, all of the Parks Show's and Attraction's are " Family Friendly", no Blood or Gore, just " Happy" Halloween. For their 2nd year at doing a Halloween Event, it was really good. The Mummy's Maze, was new for this year, it was a walk-through with a " Maze" in the center. Before you go into the Maze, they give you a Sheet of paper with different Symbol's, with a letter below them, then you look for those Symbol's in the Maze and try to figure out the " Secret" Message. You could Enter your Answer in a Drawing for Free Ticket's, it was a Fun Maze.


Holidogs 3-D Halloween Adventure was a Blast. You are given a pair of 3-D glasses, before you enter. It's a Maze of Fluorescence Image's and Blacklight's. The Best Part of the Maze is the " Spinning Tunnel", love those things, in 3-D. I did it twice, was so much fun.


The whole Event was very enjoyable and you can't go wrong with " Coaster's" in the Dark. I would recommend it to anyone, who is in to a " Fun" Halloween Event, instead of Scary or Bloody.

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Thanks for visiting! I had to walk through the vortex tunnel in Holidog's 3D Halloween Adventure with a TV news camera rolling. Yeah, I grabbed the railing and closed my eyes tight!


Does the spinning tunnel make you feel queasy? I know that gag can have that effect on some people.


It looks like a very nice Halloween event.

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^ It probably has a different effect on different people. For me, after a few steps, it's as if the catwalk suddenly shifts about 45 degrees.


For me, it's more the embarrassment of what your body automatically does to correct for the perceived imbalance - shifting wildly, crouching, and grabbing the bars as if you fear being thrown overboard.


Some folks get a vertigo reaction - no doubt others are queasy.

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