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Welcome to my work thread! I will be showcasing all of my RCT3 projects. The only exception would be a timeline park but I don't plan on making one for a while. Well, that's it enjoy the projects! Also, I didn't use the David Walsh cheat on the pictures. You are just going to have to deal with it for the first update.


The 1st project I will be showcasing is Hillview Gardens Amusement Park. It is a HUGE WIP. I'm making this park in "sections". If that's what you want to call them. I'm pretty much creating a coaster, and basing an area off of the coaster. They will all be connected eventually. So far, I've created 3 coasters, so I have 3 areas. The first coaster is The Bat. A B&M Inverted coaster, inspired a little bit by Afterburn at Carowinds. The area is my personal favorite of the 3 so far. And, the layout is one of the best I've created, I personally think. So, I guess you can say I'm happy with it. The second coaster is Demon. Inspired by, obviously, the Demon coasters. It has the same kind of idea as the two in real life. Just a different layout, I'm also happy with this coaster. The area is a massive WIP as is the next coaster, an unnamed Schwarzkopf Shuttle Loop. So don't expect to much from these areas. Anyway, on to the pictures!


Here's the first drop of the Bat. The Alpengeist-like drop seemed quite appealing so I chose to use it on this.


Batwing element halfway through the ride, You get a great view from the path.


Here's another view of the first drop and loop. The queue house in the foreground. Another thing I'm very happy with.


Here's something I'm extremely happy with. The transfer track. I used Steelworx for this and I'm so proud of this. I think it's pretty realistic.


Here's a random building and a shop with a weird roof. It is temporary until I find another way to make it look decent.


Here's Black Widow. A Chance Revolution. Another WIP.


Here's the Shuttle Loop. Now, about that box sort of thing. I found something similar on a picture of Tidal Wave at CGA. I chose to recreate it since it's a Flywheel launch. Any suggestions on names?


Here's the Demon. This picture showcases the two consecutive loops.


A look at the consecutive corkscrews. As you can see, it's unfinished so far.


An overview sort of shot of the station. I'm pretty proud of this also.


Here's a look at the transfer track on the Demon. Well, thanks for reading! And stay tuned.

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