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KingRCT3's NoLimits creations

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Titan isn't your usual passive rollercoaster. Thanks to the Interactive Bracelet(1), it becomes an interactive experience.

The ride puts you in the shoes of a surfer, and tests your ability to brave the wave, by riding it hands up!

A camera is located in front of each two riders. It shoots the entire ride. Once the ride is over, the videos are sent to a computer which analyzes each frame, and with a position-recognition software, determines if the rider had his hands up or not.

A score from 0 to 100% is attributed to riders, whom can save it as well as their video, by checking a terminal.

Bonuses such as waving while hanging 90° can be found. But shhhhh.



(1) Each visitor disposes of a watch-like plastic band, with a RFID chip strapped inside, turning the whole theme park into a giant interactive experience. Each chip is linked to a profile, where the data can be seen online by the visitor, via an app or a webpage (password protected). A flash code is printed and acts as a short link.

The goal of this device is to give the opportunity for the visitor to be part of the action, and become a player. The bracelet interacts with terminals, located all around the park. Each time a bracelet is connected to a terminal, a trophy is added to the visitor's profile.

For instance, the visitor discovers a hidden fountain. A terminal is on its side; he checks and receives a trophy:

[ (+1) "I found the elves' magical fountain" ]

Terminals are also located at ride exits, allowing the visitor to share his experiences. There's more to it, as seen with Kaloha (saving and sharing score and video).



(Side note : The Interactive Bracelet reminds you of the Disney's MagicBand doesn't it? Yeah, but I've imagined it before knowing such a similar thing was in preparation! ...)

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Alright, the video from Kaloha is on hold at the moment (I've to wait for someone), so instead here's another concept I came with.


This new ride uses the hammer launch technology, that I have already used on an old track of mine called Pastel. I have to be fair on that one : As much as the Arm-Lift was my own idea (yet influenced by Gravity Max), this concept is heavily (and shamelessly ) pumped on

from Ride Tek, a strange coaster company (they built Cobra at Tivoli Friheden).


But unlike Pastel, this one is a flying coaster (think Stingray), making things even more awesome! Because you're thrown up in the sky, then you experience a zero-g feeling, before plunging right to the ground.




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(The Kaloha POV is still on its way, don't lose faith! )




At the IAAPA, S&S unveiled their new free spin 4D.

I love the looks of the vehicule and track, but not really the layouts they showed (here). I mean, they will be cool to ride, but the lift is really uninspired and unaesthetic in my opinion.


So here's my take on it. I thought about this particular shape:


The lift would be more expensive than necessary (more bending to do and more track to produce, not talking about higher stress on the chain), but fancier than ever!!


The drop would be a little bit trimmed, but not that much actually.


Next is a zero-g flip!

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Thanks guys!


I'm afraid if someone was to reach forward during the top of the lift they'd get their arm chopped off

Don't worry, it's only because the video is a little bit off, as that sequence is composed of many shots, camera tricks and even green-screen! Anyways, in real life the rails would be further and people won't be able to reach them.

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Hi there! Long time no see.


Here is a coaster I made for a French contest, meant to be the last one on NL1. We got a cool template with a nice cliff, and had to make a coaster out of it.


[the EDGE]

(awesome name, I know)


The station is a block and the pre-launch is not really interesting.


Here we go! The launch shoots you under the ropeway's upper station. Inside the tunnel, lies a small surprising pop of airtime.


Then comes the top-hat, with a cool amount of airtime and a breathtaking view of the valley.


You can see that its standing above a huge gap, thanks to the special support structure.


Here's a view from below. Vertiginous...


Comes the first inversion of the ride, a corkscrew/zero-g.


Then the coaster twists aroung the ropeway's tower.


It's an overbanked turn and, once again, it's quite high up in the air.


Artistic shot of that unique combinaison between a coaster and a ropeway's tower.


The first set of MCBR comes right here. But, uh oh, that quiet-looking turn ends not so well...




This is a Smiler-inspired drop, but with a S-turn at the top, thus some airtime.


That drop leads into a Norwegian Loop.


Here it is, right in front of the famous cliff.


After a second set of MCBR, the coaster has a last element to offer. Isn't that what we call a twist ending?


It's an upward heartline roll, followed by a half non-inverted loop.


The coaster part is over, but not the ride. Thanks to this transfer track, the train will be able to board into a gondola.


Let's get back up here.


During the trip, enjoy the scenery and take a rest after the wild ride you've been through.


If the coaster is a Gerstlauer Eurofighter, the ropeway is a Doppelmayr 3S. 3S stands for 3 seils, which means 3 cables. Two of them are still and support the gondolas, and the third one moves and pulls them to the top.


Here we are, back to the station.



I hope you enjoyed the ride!


I'll leave you with this overall shot.


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