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Station Square Park {RCT3}

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Hey all. I have been working on this park off and on for a couple months now. I just jumped back on this morning and decided I would share what I have so far. There really is not a story line to the park, but I would like to provide updates as new plans unfold. I spent a few minutes drawing out a map so that I could design on paper before I designed in the game. So far I really do not have a whole lot in the park, but I do feel proud of what I've implemented so far!


Overview of the entry way. Can you guess where this inspiration came from? lol


View at night.



Once inside you have a nice array of shopping, eating, and resting areas to choose from:








Overview of the entry area. This is where we get the name Station Square from.




The first ride introduced to the park was Swingshot!




Head on down the walkway to Batwing; the park's first coaster.




Finally, I just recently completed phase 1 of this Medieval themed section of the park. A couple things here that I thought were cool ideas and decided to create were an entry way that required a bridge to give the park some height variation and plenty of buildings that not only offer great additions to the areas theme, but functionality and an interactive, educational aspect for the guests! It might not look like it, but these buildings took me some time to create. I have never sat and worked so hard on a park to really try to achieve a realness to RCT3. I've always wanted to, and I finally feel like this is a step in the right direction.








And of course, the only attraction thus far in the area, Joust.




I will leave you with my drawn map of the park:



Thank you for checking it out. Comments, questions, criticism, suggestion are all appreciated! Feedback is the only thing that can help one improve!


(p.s. I couldn't get the sites uploader to work for me. Sorry for the inconvenience)

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