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Ride Comfort on Wood Roller Coasters

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Rate the overall ride comfort (how non-shaky it is) of wood roller coasters around the world from 0 to 10. Not specific points during the ride, but the entire ride as a whole.


We all know that most wood roller coasters using newer technology such as the Intamin Prefabs and most GCIs with Millennium Flyer trains tend to be on par with steel roller coasters in terms of ride comfort, but how about all the other wood roller coasters still using old technology and trains whose general designs have not changed in 100 years? Have you ridden any of these that were surprisngly smooth or did you ride a newer one that was surprisingly bad? Share these experiences here.

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American Eagle SFGAM Ride comfort id give a 9. While i didn't personally find it uncomfortable there is some pretty good laterals sending you into the side walls and seat divider which could be uncomfortable. Otherwise its got the classic feel which i love so yeah.


Viper SFGAM Ride Comfort id give a 10. Pretty much flawless no uncomfortable shaking only raw forces pure fun.

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Is it sad that out of 200 some odd coasters I've rode, I can't really seem to think of a woodie that I was entirely comfortable on? Maybe I'm just getting old, and mind you I love wooden roller coasters, they're just isn't any true wood coaster that doesn't seem to beat you up a little bit.

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Having not ridden many woodies as in parks they are lower on priority list, but this is my chip:


1. Colossos - Intamin/Cordes - at Heide-Park, given its speed it runs very smooth, feels more like the Intamin steel airtime coasters

2. Twister - Gravity Group with Timberliners - at Gröna Lund - running swift and comfortable

3. Wodan - GCI - at Europa-Park - a little bumpy but IMO running the better the colder the weather

4. Rutschebanen at Tivoli Gardens - bumpy yes, but still big fun considering its age

5. Mammut - Gerstlauer/Cordes - at Tripsdrill - cars oscilate a little, at times a little bumpy

6. Robin Hood - Vekoma - at Walibi Holland - cars oscilate heavily back and forth, also to the sides, weird to ride

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That's a great idea!


Fireball at HVSh: Pretty rough and the airtime was not even close to what I expected. That was during the World Expo back to 2010. 4/10


Apocalypse The Ride at SFMM: Smooth ride with some nice airtime. But the lat G at the bottom of the first drop is a bit too much. Plus, I always hate how the lap bar of the Millennium Flyer train goes down automatically and land in a certain area with pain 7/10


Colossus at SFMM: After hearing it being rough, i found it really enjoyable and not as rough as Fireball. Those trains are comfortable and they must have reduced the roughness a bit. I really wish the double down was there though. 6/10


Judge Roy Scream: Old class woodie with some good airtime, I like it a lot! 6/10


Arkansas Twister: Could be much better with some re-track and even PTC. I feel like the Gerstlauer train made the ride worse. But it still has some airtime.5/10


Outlaw Run: Perfect ride! 10/10


American Thunder: I think it is better than Apocalypse The Ride. More airtime hills and smoother. 8/10


Screamin' Eagle: Classic woodie, so the insane roughness can be forgiven a bit. Other than that, pretty good ride. 6/10


The Boss: Have heard about the roughness and prepared for more than that. Pretty enjoyable if you can try to avoid body contact with those trains. 6/10


Cyclops: Tried the last car AMAZING! 8.5/10


Pegasus: Did nothing to me and brace for the last turn! 3.5/10


Zeus: Some ejectors on the way back surprised me. 6/10


Hades360: I need to be a good man to stay away from the hell! But the hill into the tunnel on the way back was good. 2.5/10


Hell Cat: Nice woodie, some re-track and fixing on the turns would make it better. 4.5/10


Meteor: After the Dells, finally had a smooth woodie! 3/10


Little Dipper: Credit! 3/10


American Eagle: my love! Definitely would marathon on it if I have more time. 8.5/10


Viper: Amazing ride as well, just hope they can fix the banking of the turn before the brake. 9/10


Mean Streak: Not even close to what it was described and I got some pretty smooth airtime on the wheel seat of the last car! I LIKE MEAN STREAK!!! 7/10


Blue Streak: Classic ride with some good airtime. Hut too rough back then. 5/10

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My list of 10 non CGI, non Intamin, comfortable old woodies, from my favorite to least with "relative" smoothness rating.


Phoenix, Knoebels 9

Beast, Kings Island 6

Comet, Great Escape 7

Grand National, Blackpool 7

Viper, SFGAm 9

Comet, Hershey 7

Giant Dipper, Santa Cruz 7

Jack Rabbit, Kennywood 7

Screaming Eagle, SFSL 7

Jack Rabbit, Seabreeze 9

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