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So Halloweekends started today, and I knew I'd be there. I dont feel like a huge TR so I'll run down the houses.


Lore of the Vampires: 8/10, basically the same as last year, a haunted dungeon like castle that vampires run around in and dont yell. Very good.


Carnival of Carnivorus Clowns: 7/10 for haunts, 10/10 for fun! This house is basically not scary. Usually we can scare the clowns more. And man, how could you not have fun with this guy


Camp Gonnagitcha: 10/10, easily the 3rd best haunted attraction in Kansas City! Kinda light tonight. I assumed that they would have gone all out with the characters but they still made it fun.


Fright Zone: 9/10, Dude, I love this, just so much fun messing with the guys in fog and dark.


Dominion of Dead: 3/10, It was very boring. My friend, who is an enthusist, and I were like not jumped out at, didnt get scared, and our laughs at the people were actually pariodied by the charatcers. Very lame.


Overall a great time, and they have like 2 things to advertise the Patriot, get it together WOF!



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^ I was thinking the exact same thing Joey!


They try to cover it up by saying "Dominion of Doom" While "Dominion of the Dead" at Haunt was a classic. Are you still working at Haunt Joey? Since I'm going for my first time in a few weeks.

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I don't know if you remember me from then or not. I was the guy who would point and say "Bunny" with chocolate all over my hands.


Too bad we wern't homies back then.


At least clowns is back this year, hopefully Manic Depresso well return as well.



<-- Juggalo

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