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This year's Halloween costumes


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I want to be the Burger King guy too! Mainly because he freaks my mom out. She hates him.


My other options are...

1. Dress up like a pimp and carry around a gardening hoe.

2. Dress up in my Jedi costume I made for the midnight showing of ROTS.

3. Probably not going to happen but I'd like to be Marvin from Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy.

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I've been thinking of going as a member of Team Zissou.


DUDE! Can I be Ned?


And where did you get those shoes?


Those arent mine :sadpanda: I found them on a blog a while back describing how to take Adidas' Roms and turn them into Team Zissou shoes. All I can find for sale now are the blue stipped roms with red soles :shock: Even though the red soles would match the hats, they are ugly as sin so I might have to rethink my idea.


THIS JUST IN (not really): Voodoo Fest has been moved from New Orleans to Memphis, and the Flaming Lips are going to be one of the headlining acts . This should be the best Halloween party evar. Now I think I might just cover myself in glow in the dark paint or fake blood. Either would be appropriate for the occasion.


Mike "Gonna pop my Flips cherry on 10/29-30" Moore

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