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This year's Halloween costumes


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Julie.... you look very glam. That's a great picture of you.


Sammi hasn't decided what to be yet this year. I saw a "Bewitched" costume and thought that would be fun since her name's Samantha (groan)! But, she'll probably want to go out looking like Britney Spears again, like she did last year. (One lady in our neighborhood asked her "Are you Britney Spears?" and then followed that up with "So, are you really pregnant?" I was like...."jeez, lady, she's 6... ")


Shari "time to start looking for a costume, though" Shoufler

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You will not see me in a costume, I already make a big enough ass out of myself. So anyone that sees me at PPP, don't expect much.


My son however, has his heart set on being a Firefighter. We have a friend that is one, and we have an official shirt that is a part of his uniform to wear it. He looks awesome, as soon as I take one I will upload it.



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I asked my 5 year old son the other day what he wants to be for Halloween. He said, "A blanket."


"A blanket?"


"Yes, like Charlie Brown."


He's been watching the Charlie Brown Halloween special. I guess we never got around to teaching him what ghosts are.

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I got invited to a Halloween Party so now I have to come up with something...I really have no idea! It's more of a family party so it has to be something somewhat tasteful (ie not a giant penis). Any suggestions would be much appreciated...


btw, Quaker...are you going as the monkey???

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I am going to be Michael Myers. I have had the mask for about 2 years now, but i'm finally going to buy the mechanic jump suit to go along with it. My friend always decorated his yard every Halloween. He has everything! It's awesome! When it's done, and if i remember, i will take a picture and load it. He has big speakers and he plays the Halloween movie theme music and i chase kids around! mostly the little punks that i hate! haha!

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This is one holiday that I think would go down well in Australia, if only people would give it a go.


I have told my wife that if we ever did do Halloween, that I would have to go as Jason from the Friday the 13th movies. Have got the size for the suit, just need a reason to put it on....have to move to the states soon..

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I'm going as Freddy vs Jason, I had my mom help me sew half of freddy's costume to half of Jason's costume.....The sew job looks decent. It was hard cutting both exactly in half without messing up. I'm taking my little bro's trick or treating. I stopped trick or treating last year.


Eric wrote: Im going to find a penis costume!


I am going to wear it to school and see what happens


Some guy did that last halloween. I was at work on my cash register, I turn around and the guy was handing out edible underwear and condoms In a penis costume, to all the cashiers at my job. I just laughed because i've never seen anything like that before. My bosses were pisssed, but he ran out before they got to him. You can get the penis/vagina costumes at the adult mart a few weeks before halloween.

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