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Best first drop on a steel coaster?

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^I wish all B&M hypers had the kicker hill. Bull's drop is far better than Diamondback's or Nitro's.


^^I haven't had a chance to ride a Mega Lite yet- hopefully some day! Skyrush's drop is crazy too, but there's just nothing like flying over Maverick's first drop. Good call on the last row, Maverick's drop is the best in the back row!

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Skyrush. A whole different level of ejector air, even compared to other Intamins.

Yes, but at the same time it is sort of abrupt and awkward, kind of like cyclone at SFNE except with more painful restraints.

Yes, but you don't get forcibly stapled until the bottom of the drop, so you actually get some out-of-seat time.

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I might have to say Wizzer at SfGAm. That ride is just so much fun that it more than makes up for its lack of intensity.


I love Raging Bull so much for the first drop.


Raging Bull's first drop was great in the back. It's the only good airtime that coaster has.

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B&M - Raging Bull's first drop, in the back seat, is fabulous. Diamondback's first drop is also great. The wing-over first drops on X-Flight and Gatekeeper are excellent.


Arrow - KI's Vortex and BGW's Loch Ness Monster.


Intamin - Intimidator 305, which I like better than Millennium Force's, and Maverick

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