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Parc Spirou: New French park under construction

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Today the French media started mentioning the possibility of a new park in the valley of the Rhone river, (not the Rhine) for 2015. This would be based on Belgian comics characters which are very popular in French speaking countries. I have no idea if those are translated in other languages, so feel free to google them. The central character would be Spirou, but the park would also feature others like Gaston Lagaffe or the infamous Marsupilami. This is not the first time Dupuis editions collaborate with a park, as indeed one of their characters appeared at Europapark in the past, the racing pilot Michel Vaillant (silver star area, Mercedes exhibit). This time they have been contacted for a full size park. Don't expect a huge park if this happens as the figures don't sound too impressive so far. Investment is estimated at"only" € 75M. The article mentions no specific ride but seems to indicate some of them would be "numerical", so I expect simulators or other movie based shows. Stay tuned, to see if it's another project that will never happen or if this one has a chance to see daylight one day

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New bits of informations appeared today, and those are far more believable than the previous ones, in which the so-called "Parc Spirou" looked rubbish, un-professionnal and utopic. Now, I even might say that... this is somehow... appealing, coaster-wise.



Is Spirou popular out-here? Not that much here in France, at least among the youth.




The park is going to buy a lot of Zierer. You can spot a bunch of their flat-rides (Star-Shape, jet-ski...) and three coasters. A revamped Force 2 (n°6), a 2-trains Elevated Seating Coaster (n°1), and a Tower Coaster, probably a clone of Impulse (n°16).

Other interesting rides are the Immersive Tunnel, the same thing as the one that opened in Movie Park (n°17) ; another ride that is still a mystery but that will produce up to 5g and be prohibited under 1m30 (n°3) ; and the car track (n°2) is rumored to have 100 animatronics, special effects and surprises... It'll be the iconic ride of the park.


The two paths that you can see at the top of the map will eventually lead to the extensions which will open in a later date.


(As seen on CoastersWorld.fr)

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This park is now under construction.



Simworx Immersive Tunnel



Zierer Force Two



Zierer Force Zero


And a photo taken at the Zierer factory:



Zierer ESC 535





photos: Parc Spirou

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