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(RCT3) New Texas Giant Custom Track

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Laying the track, wooden supports to be added later


Track complete, now for the painstaking job of hand-laying the wooden supports

Just started a new project! This time I'm trying to create an exact replica of the New Texas Giant rollercoaster. Im using Hyper Twister coaster track and the Caribbean style wooden supports. I'd like some feedback to this as I've never actually ridden the coaster before so I have no idea how accurate this is.





Edit 1: Firstly sorry A.J, this is my first thread on here I forgot to read the rules ... Secondly i finished around 1/3 of the wooden supports last night and placed down the tunnels. Also, after finishing the track I realized that I'm actually 1000' short on the track. So while the coaster rides a lot like the actual Texas Giant, it just moves a lot faster, and is slightly rougher...


Edit 2: 4 hours of building later and ITS FINALLY DONE


Birds-eye view...


Birds-eye view of the major helixy thingy


First drop :)


The station


Looking from the ground...

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Please familiarize yourself with the rules threads, located at the top of the Games Forum.


Otherwise, I will take your thread and put it through a polka-dotted thread shredder.

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