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TR: Mickey's Not-So-Scary Halloween Party Media & Blog Event

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Tonight we were invited to the media event for Magic Kingdom's Not-So-Scary Halloween Party as well as attended the @DisneyParks Blog "Treat-Up" event. Not only did we have a great night at what is probably our favorite event at Magic Kingdom, we got a preview of the new "Princess Fairytale Hall" which is located in the same place as the old Snow White Scary Adventures attraction.


Onto the photos!


Welcome to Mickey's Not-So-Scary Halloween Party! One of the best holiday events at any park you'll ever visit!


Checking out some costumes of Jack and Gary tonight at the DisneyParks blog!


For the "Treat up" they had Disney artists signing posters that were made exclusively for this event.


The DisneyParks blog does an amazing job on these events. If you're not following them on Twitter, do it now! @DisneyParks


I think we'll ride the Peoplemover just because we can! (How's it going Disneyland?) =)


The DisneyParks folks gave us "Glow with the Show" Mickey ears (which will be a new feature at Walt Disney World later this fall) and some bags of candy! YUM!


Best part about Mickey's No-So-Scary Halloween Part is that when you see these balloons....


You go "trick or treating!"


KidTums Ariel had to get her picture with REAL Ariel!


Some of the yummy treats they have available exclusively for Mickey's Not-So-Scary Halloween Party!


As part of the media event and blogger treat-up, we got an exclusive preview of the new "Princess Fairytale Hall" in Fantasyland.


This new princess meet & greet took over the old "Snow White Scary Adventures" attraction.


Here is the waiting area right before you go in to meet the princesses.


You'll see some lovely paintings of some of the princesses you might meet.


Aurora was one of the princesses we would meet tonight.


Mulan wasn't there, but you never know which ones might show up on our next visit.


The entrance area and paintings were all fantastic!


Yes!!! We got to meet Rapunzel tonight!


Cinderella seems to lose this glass slipper a lot!


KidTums loved Rapunzel!


Here's a closer look.


There are two different rooms where you meet the princesses, and each of them has this little throw-back to the Snow White attraction.


Cinderella was in the second room tonight.


And here's another reminder of the attraction that once was here. (Are the books props from the old ride?)


Yay! Aurora!!!


Here is an overview of one of the two princess rooms. There are two princesses in each room, and you get some time for photos and autographs with each one. It works very much how all the other character meet & greets are set up.


We were slightly disappointed to find out that the Candy Corn ice cream was just vanilla with candy corns on it. Oh, well. there are many other treats to be had at this event!


Yes! Space Mountain with only a 5 minute line! This is why these up-charge events are amazing!


Best Space Mountain On-Ride Photo EVAR!!!!


They candy they give you at Mickey's is totally legit and you can get as much as you want! We ended up with 3 full bags tonight!


Hallowishes is still probably my favorite fireworks show on Disney property.


Haven't missed this show in about 10 years!




Still giddy over the fact that Starbucks is in Disney!


Magic Kingdom looks fantastic all dressed up for Halloween!


It's not a "scary" Halloween event, like the Orlando one just a few miles away, but it's awesome!


It's the "perfect" family Halloween event!


And you will! In about 3-4 weeks, we will be back!

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This event is often worth it just for the reduced wait times for major attractions


That is so true! Both times I've been at the event it feels basically like you walk onto all the attractions which alone is worth the ticket price. The Parade is probably my favorite part of the event, though Boo to You gets stuck in my head for at least a week.


The Princess Fairytale Hall looks like a nice and air conditioned addition for all the kids that want to meet the princesses.

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When I first saw the glow with the show mouse ears at Disneyland Paris this Summer, I thought it was a stupid, overpriced gimmick.


But when i saw a whole bunch them changing colors during different scenes of the closing show, I had to admit they looked pretty cool. Leave it to Disney to figure out a way to get the customers to pay to make part of their show!

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Glow in the Show is great when lots of guests have them. Looks weird when only a few guests have them. But it is definitely a brilliant way to get annual passholders to spend more money!


Also, MNSSHP is my favorite Halloween event. Love the fireworks, parade, and all the crazy costumes you see throughout the night! Such a great atmosphere.

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It never ceases to amaze me how much stuff Disney will allow their guests to bring onto rides. Any other park in America try to bring the smallest loose article possible? Nope. At Disney, a book bag, a sack full of candy, a giant sweet tart tube, while wearing a Halloween costume? Why not!


I saw a guy wearing a cape ride space mountain once during MNSSHP, a freaking cape! This event is awesome. (that person may or may not have been me)

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