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What coaster do you hate that everone else loves?

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Obviously its very much disliked generally in the enthusiast community but I'll never understand why the GP eats up Green Lantern @ SFGAdv. It always has one of the longest lines in the park and it is nothing but pain. I can only assume the stand-up factor and the fact that it is one of the first rides people see upon entering the lot. To me it has a nearly identical layout as Bizarro (yeah not quite but almost), but BIZ has effects like fire and mist and lighting and doesn't try to knock me out at all. And BIZ is almost always a walk on. I guess I shouldn't complain, but that's my addition to this thread.


I think that's generally just because stand-ups have a pretty poor capacity compared to floorless coasters because of the restraint issues on stand ups.

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Manta. I thought the ride experience was very good but it was just too uncomfortable. Still my #9 favorite coaster out of the 34 I've ridden. Kraken was definitely a lot better. (Kraken is my #2 favorite coaster FYI)


THE GP overrates Dragon Challenge, I did like the blue side better than the red, which is unusually as most people like the red side better.


I don't feel like starting a new topic but Rip Ride Rockit is VERY underrated...

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Two that I love but everyone else hates:


Superman: Ultimate Flight @ SFOG- I stood in line for and hours and a half (I'm not even a credit whore) and Superman is still my #11 coaster. I like the flying feeling and the way it interacts with the terrain (which makes me think the hate may be for the clones). It may not be unique, but it's a lot better and smoother than Nighthawk. Nighthawk has speed, but the roughness and awkward restrains make me uncomfortable. Superman is a little slow, but the speed, the restraints, and the feeling of being weightless make it better than the Vekoma death trap at my home park.


Carolina Cyclone @ Carowinds: I may just have a soft spot for this coaster since it was my first inverting coaster, but I like it. Every time I read the "Next coaster to be removed" thread on Carowinds Connection, Cyclone always pops up on it. It's not the smoothest coaster in the world, but it's not as bad as Corkscrew at CP (Shudders).


One that I don't 'hate' or dislike', but just not a fan of it.


Apollo's Chariot @ BGW: Now, I think if I ride in the back seat, my opinion might change, but for now, AC holds my #10 spot. I don't hate it, it just didn't do it for me. My ride went like this: I sat in the middle (and I only got to ride once). The first drop was pretty good. Then we went over the second hill, and it was still going pretty fast. Now I don't know if the trims were on, or if it was just the middle seat, but the train seemed to crawl back on the second half Granted that drop on the hill after the MCBR got me, but then the right started crawling back to the station. Now if I get to ride in the back seat, maybe it can beat out Intimidator/Goliath SFOG for my #2 (soon to be #3) spot.

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Intimidator at Carowinds...I think it has good value for the GP and park, but I didn't feel a sensation of any kind throughout its course. I rode it 15 times to try to kindle some love for it, but I couldn't find a whole lot going on. Since Diamondback has an awesome butterflies-in-your-stomach first drop, I thought Intimidator would start off with a similar bang, but the first hill actually had me thinking "wait, that's it?" at the bottom. The trims bit hard on the first big camelback, which muzzled the airtime potential throughout the course, and the soulless spiral & dips after the MCBR end the ride on a totally fizzled-out note. One Shambhala-like speed bump, or perhaps a double-down instead of its current ramp-like turnaround, would've added much-needed variety to the repetitious layout. The trains just lumbered over and down the hills, making clicking and clacking noises while I searched in vain to feel anything fun or thrilling.


The way the riders around me would typically freak out, however, you'd think every moment of the experience was bat-poop crazy and loaded with extreme thrills. It also tends to get a pretty good ranking in the coaster polls. Maybe one day I'll see the light when it comes to Intimidator, but it hasn't happened yet.

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American Eagle @SFGAm was terrible. The first drop is awfully rough and the rest of the ride, especially that helix, is just meh. I really don't get why everyone loves it, I hated that ride! (yay, ok, I'll admit I rode both sides to get the full credit... The red was the worst)

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I found a couple to add to my overrated list this summer:


Skyrush: Everyone makes this out to be the most extreme ride ever, and while I did find it quite intense it wasn't as insane as I was led to believe. I also do not like the trains at all and think the ride would be significantly improved with standard trains. Not a bad ride, but the fact that I only rode three times over two days (even with an ERT session) says something about my opinion.


Talon: I hear this often cited as the last forceful inverted coaster, but I found it to be on par with Silver Bullet. The beginning is good, but after the immelmann the ride seems to just meander around until it runs out of energy. It's still a decent ride, but between the two B&M coasters at Dorney Park I prefer Hydra.


I think I posted in here before, but other popular coasters on my overrated list include Intimidator 305 (based on opening year rides only), Flight Deck (California's Great America), Bizarro (Six Flags Great Adventure), Mr. Freeze, Raven, and Wooden Warrior. None of these are particularly bad coasters, I just never understand how enthusiasts think so highly of them when I see the poll results every year.

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Diamondback. It has a really bad rattle. Heck, I can see the car in front of me shaking while I'm on the ride. I don't find it much of a pleasant experience when any time the ride has a decent amount of positive Gs, it feels like a dysfunctional massage chair.

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