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West Coast Bash 2013 Live Updates!

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Stella is barely a beer. It's like calling a McRib a steak


Another classic!


I agree...my partner loves Stella, but I can't stand it. I will remember that SFMM does have beer in case I am desperate during future visits and it's like 100 zillion degrees, but I think I would rather do like Robb and just go outside of the park for some decent food and drink.


When we were there for WCB a few years ago, we ended up going to the motor home and eating artisan cheese, crackers & grapes while sucking down a couple of Crown Royal Manhattans - it was hailing that day so it was too cold for beer!

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Any West Coast Bash event where I can get 50 rides on Xcellerator is a total win in my opinion...


Had a fabulous time at Six Flags Magic Mountain and had a nice little discussion post lunch with the DIrector of Rides there... making sure to thank him lots for the park going all out for us... Full Throttle, Drop of Doom and Goliath at night were amazing as usual and worth flying out there all the way from Miami.


Knotts was great too... 50 freaking rides on Xcellerator.. that definitely did not happen at the last West Coast Bash.. that ride is like complete crack!!!! Really loved the presentation post lunch with all the questions. I still think with some over the shoulder restraints they should at least try Xcellerator backwards for one year.. it would be amazing....


Capped off my trip by flying into Universal Orlando and finishing off with Busch Gardens in Tampa.


Nice meeting who I got to meet and looking forward to the next one when I can make it out again.



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