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What do you think of A new FreeFall Tower at SFMM

Should SFMM build a Freefall Tower  

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  1. 1. Should SFMM build a Freefall Tower

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    • No

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Yes they should build a new drop ride. It seems like it's the only major thing really missing from the park.. Sure they have Superman and Freefall, but I don't think the Superman experience is the same as a drop tower, and Freefall is a bit too short and old. In my opinion a drop ride would be a great addition to the park, but I don't think it's likely to happen....

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The Superman tower was NOT designed to have anything run on it other than the current ride. The one in Australia was, which explains why it DOES have such a ride.


But SFMM is overdue for something like this. A standing freefall ride would go over very well, I think. I forget which park does have one.



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Freefall is painful, both to my collar bones and by way of the headache it so gently induces. The drop is pretty cool though, so is moving forward from the elevator side to the gaping hole in front of you....that actually got me a bit, despite it's shrimpy height compared to everything else there. Freefall's also got one of the worst reliability records EVER, it even beats Superman, the other notoriously breakdown prone Intamin.

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