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2014 TPR Tour Questionnaire is out!

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Hey everyone!


Our "Final 2014 Trip Questionnaire" has been posted! Please click this link: http://themeparkreview.com/questionnaire/2014finalquestionnaire.php


We would like to encourage everyone who is interested in a TPR Trip in 2014 to fill out this questionnaire. The purpose of this final one is to decide which (if any) USA trips we will do in 2014 in addition to the "Mini New Hotness" trip.


This questionnaire will be open this week and we hope to announce the full line-up of 2014 trips shortly after! For those of you who might be wondering, we have released some information about the 2014 trips on this questionnaire, so that should be even more incentive to click the link!


Thank you to everyone for your help. We appreciate the feedback and input!




I LOVE the idea for the Texas trip. It has soo many of the parks and coasters I wanted to ride. Two RMC Hybrids, Superman, Iron Shark, Boardwalk Bullet, etc... This trip looks like a fantastic value, and would love for it to happen.

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I really like the Northwest trip idea. I'd totally do this or even Texas again! I am ready to send in a deposit for either of these trips, should one of them happen. That said, it looks like I could be doing two TPR trips this summer. Whoohoo!

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I'm so excited for the Pacific Northwest tour! It's so hard to do all of these parks in one go, but it will be an amazing TPR tour! Especially with that internal flight. It's a shame that it will be out of season for the Washington State Fair to ride that classic woodie. I assume we'd be flying in and out of Seattle?

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Definitely interested in either the West Coast or the Texas tours. Pacific Northwest doesn't really have that much to offer as far as coasters go, so I'd probably pass on that. Out of the two remaining trip options, if I had to make a choice, it would be the West Coast trip.


West Coast:

+ longer tour

+ all new parks compared to the 2013 Midwest Tour

+ several major new credits that haven't been featured on a TPR tour yet (Gold Rusher, Superman, YOLO Coaster)

+ overall, very good park lineup


- more expensive than the Texas option



+ cheaper

+ includes 3 major credits we missed on the 2013 Midwest Tour (Iron Rattler, Texas Giant, Shockwave)

+ SFFT and Sea World were both worth revisiting

+ would be very excited for Boardwalk Bullet and Iron Shark


- shorter tour

- Texas is hell in July / August

- 3 parks repeated from the 2013 Midwest Tour

- SFOT was less than stellar this year (may improve next year)

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I'd be interested in Texas or California, depending on my Grad School schedule. There are new coasters in both those areas since my last visits to Texas and California.


However, the Pacific Northwest is not to be underestimated from a tour standpoint since it really is a pain to do all that boring driving and a border crossing in a car when you can relax on a coach instead. Also, Coaster at Playland will not disappoint.

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I would like to do Texas, but I kind of hope it isn't chosen for 2014 because I'll then be forced to choose between that and Mini New Hotness (I can't do both). At least that's not a bad problem to have as I'll be on a trip either way.


As for the other two, I live in California so West Coast has no interest to me. Pacific Northwest is one I would have been interested in before, but after visiting three of the five parks on the trip this year and having no desire to return to them my interest in the trip is much less, and it being the most expensive of the one week trips doesn't help. For anyone considering it, however, even though all the parks are small up there, the Pacific Northwest has some very interesting ones.

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PNW really intrigues me (I voted "somewhat interested" as I'd love to do it yet am currently not at the point that I can commit to it), I've heard great things about Tremors and Timber Terror, and especially PNE's Coaster. I am really hoping that it becomes a confirmed tour, but if not, there's always Mini New Hotness as my backup choice.

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Also, Coaster at Playland will not disappoint.




I couldn't agree more, great coaster. Honestly, the Pacific Northwest may have the least amount of credits of the trips offered, but what it does have to offer is 3 of the best wooden coasters in North America. ...Coaster at Playland (4th on my wooden coaster list), Timber Terror (7th on my list), and Tremors (8th on my list). ...Not bad at all.



Edit: Not to mention Timberhawk at Wild Waves being a surprisingly good ride.

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I want to do the Mini Hotness tour, and if I could add one more it would be Texas. Hopefully nothing tragic happens next year and both RMCs will be up and running. I wonder if Schlitterbahn will be included on the Texas trip (if it happens) or be offered as a add-on?


The only park that interests me on the NW trip is Silverwood so I'm out on that trip, although going to Vancouver again would be cool. And I live in CA so if I'm going to spend big bucks on a trip, it's going to be far away from here, so I am out of the West Coast trip. Although the West Coast trip would be great for those that don't live here or haven't been here before, so I understand the demand for that trip. Either way, I am most likely at least doing the Mini Hotness tour.

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