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2014 TPR Tour Questionnaire is out!

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Quick question (I would presume for Elissa): are minors (over 16 but under 18) going without a parent allowed on international trips? Scandi sounds like it would be awesome.


Minors are allowed on these trips but must be personally approved by me first. This will involve talking with you and your parents.

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I need a full time job.


By process of elimination, mini new hotness if offered will be the only option I can go on. I did put a backup of I'm interested in of summer west coast trip. But I don't think realistically I can afford it.

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Concinnati and Chicago huh? I think I'll visit some family in Chicago beforehand and one-way it to Cincinnati!


Sorry, thinking like a college student with a minimum-wage job.


Anyway, it's cool that Robb and Elissa can put together a mini-trip for those of us who are interested but are on a limited budget! This is panning out well, and may be my first TPR trip!

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I'm personally all for the west coast tour, just need money as usual. Would you guys let locals purchase tickets for specific days on that tour?


I know in the past TPR usually doesn't allow one day jump ins on their trips, but you can always purchase the tickets yourself and meet up with the group so long as you don't expect to get in on the perks the group trip pays the park extra for like lunch and ERT.


However if this changes I would also like to purchase some tickets through them to hang out for a few days while they are in SoCal.

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Definitely plan on taking a TPR tour in the near future, but not in 2014. My family already has plans to fly out to New York then rent a car and stop at theme parks on they way back. Plus, I'm the only one in my family who is an "enthusiast". My sister and dad will ride coasters and enjoy them, but wouldn't travel the world to ride them like I would. Hopefully I can convince my dad to take me on one of the tours soon though.

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^^ Naw, I've ridden most of the coasters in the Scandi List,

from the 2006 Add-on, and the 2009 first Scandi tour.


So - I will be lucky if I pass 640, this trip.


But hey Gary - you can photo bomb me, any old time, LOL!


And ^ Hi Ginny! Glad you're considering Scandi.

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A definite for Scandi. Wow, it seems like forever that I've been waiting for this trip to cycle back around. The expedition video for the last trip you guys did looked like so much fun!!


I'm of course going to wait until things are finalized, but just to have an idea when looking for flights, is the 12th planned to be the arrival day and the parks and all begin on the morning of the 13th?


(This is going to be great!!!! )

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My questionnaire answers feel like they're misleading now!!! I'm going to wait to see what trips are going ahead, but I might do a combination of Weird Japan and New Hotness instead of Scandi. Now I need to start budgeting and make up my mind before these trips are announced...

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