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2014 TPR Tour Questionnaire is out!

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In for Scandi! The Mini New Hotness sounds fun, but I won't be able to swing that next year.


Currently looking at the West Coast trip for summer. unfortunately Scandi Wont work out with my school schedule


Boooooo! Maybe your dad can come to Scandi and leave you at home!

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^^Sorry Colin...that's the problem though, we need to go when MOST of us are out of school and before all the Europeans get out of school! Tell your crazy Jersey school to get you out earlier!


^I have a feeling his family would disown him if he did that!

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unfortunately Scandi Wont work out with my school schedule


You can miss the last weeks of school, they are usually pointless any way . Or be good and get all your home work early and work ahead. Last resort, we can all just call and leave threatening messages for your dad daily. There's ways to make it work Colin!

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Filled out and right now Mini Hotness is looking great to me, and I would sign up in a second for an extended Hotness tour if the West coast tour takes the Spring break slot.


If that Second mini Hotness tour became available, I wouldn't mind a second visit to Silver Dollar City and maybe a tour of the south including Dollywood.


2015 is going to be interesting. I would love to do the Spain/Europe, but also I hear Japan/Korea calling my name.

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Mini-Hotness is a definite for me! Scandinavia sounds incredible, but I still have so many US parks I need to visit first before venturing on to Europe (though, I'm almost certainly in for a Europe trip next year!).


Would likely consider doing a West Coast + Mini-Hotness combo. My honest preference would be for a mini North East tour to go with Mini-New Hotness (in place of West Coast), but I'm guessing you guys are planning on doing a full North East / East Coast tour in the next couple of years anyway.


At any rate, looking forward to doing at least one awesome TPR trip next year!


- Zach


Edit: As someone else pointed out, a Mini-Southern tour featuring Dollywood and Silver Dollar city would also be a very nice option! I loved SDC enough to go right back there next year, and I hear Dollywood is just as great.

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Really wanted to do Scandi when I originally heard about it but unfortunately the dates fall at the end of the school year and it'd mean missing my daughters graduation, so that's not going to happen.


Me and the boy are certainly in for New Hotness with a little pre-trip CP visit in there since we've never been.

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Filled out the questionnaire. All of the 2014 options look great. Barring a life-changing event, I'm doing Mini New Hotness next year as three of the parks are at the top of my park interest list and Holiday World is one of my favorite parks. I would love to do Scandinavia but unfortunately it's a little too early and far too expensive at this time.

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Summer West Coast trip I would go on. Contemplating the mini New Hotness, but I live within 2 hour drive or less to most of the parks. So between that and not sure if I will have enough vacation time for 3 weeks off in a row, I probably will skip the mini, but maybe show up at KI and KK to hang out with some of you.

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I'm REALLY interested in going to Japan, but have never been. Why is the trip not recommended for first-timers?


Email me privately if you're interested in the Japan Tour but have not been there before.


For all of you wondering, there are a few reasons we are not recommending this tour to first timers:


1. It's a lot of train travel, jumping on and off trains, quick transfers, jumping in cabs, etc.

2. You will not hit any of the 'normal' or 'big' Japan parks.

3. We will pass right by some of the other parks to go hit up a park you've never heard of.

4. Most of the trip is base camping in cities that are NOT Tokyo!

5. We expect everyone on this tour to have a certain knowledge of international travel.

6. It's very much one of our 'adventure tours' and things will change quite a bit on the fly.

7. This will be a much smaller than normal trip...probably less than 20 people total.

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