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Most Intense Schwarzkopf Coaster?

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Jet Line @ Gröna Lund with 50kg of lead in all the footwells on the trains (700kg of extra weight ), so the park was sure that the trains would not stall on the track. The speed was Insane


/// Marcus


Jetline is certainly mindblowingly intense! when did they put the lead in?

On the days when Robb, etc. were at Gröna lund to do the Twister film shoot, the weekend before the park opened that year.

Epic rides

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I wish I got around to riding it more (2 rides for me is not enough for me to soak in my ride experience) but from what I recall, Zonga was pretty intense...not what it was supposed to be since it became a botched Schwarzkopf...


As far as what's fresh in my head...I'm going to have to go with Monte. Loop wasn't crazy forceful, but sitting in that last car, going full speed up the back spike...Some good height and a good sudden positive...I actually brace myself for the sudden/sharp upward curve.


I've ridden one other shuttle loop, which was Tidal Wave at Great America. I only rode once but I don't recall it being as intense as Monte (I always heard that the fly wheel launches had quicker acceleration compared to the weight drop models).

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I haven't been on as many of the old Schwarzkopf coasters as some of you, but based on personal experience, I'd say Montezooma's Revenge at Knott's and Mind Bender at Six Flags over Georgia. But from what I've heard, these have nothing on Olympia Looping.

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I still don't get the fanaticism for Schwarzkopf coasters?

Laser at Dorney Park was the most intense for me, until I rode Olympia Looping, but now Mindbender at Galaxyland is the most intense I have ridden.


I don't find the shuttle loops as intense as going through a backwards loop on a Boomerang.


As far as Mindbender (SFoG), Lisenbananananan, Jetline or any other that people jizz over, I just don't feel the intensity.

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^^I do enjoy the old Schwarzkopfs, but the most intense rides I've ever ridden are I305 and Insane. I've always thought that Lisebergbanan is a great terrain coaster for families, but not particularly "intense."


But "intensity" is in the eye of the beholder, I guess. Mindbender at SFOG has always knocked me for a loop, as have the old Schwarzkopf launched shuttles, but I agree that going backwards through a Vekoma Boomerang is probably more "intense" (if not as pleasant).

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Mind Bender at Six Flags Over Georgia


I find his box track design superior to his other designs and I thought Mind Bender was better than Shockwave at SFOT and wayyy better than SooperDooperLooper even though I love that ride too. I love all Schwarzkopf creations. They are truly design genius and they have stood the test of time better than any other coaster brand.


Mind Bender is definitely my favorite Schwarzkopf in the United States. I can't speak worldwide because I know he has some great designs that are portable in Europe and South America. Plus the other Mind Bender in Canada looks amazing too.

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I only been on one and that was Tig'rr at Indiana Beach. Somehow i miss up the Scorpion when i went to Busch Gardens though or else i could of added that to my list. I did enjoy Tig'rr though. I thought it was fun and if i remember it had no restraints That always makes some coasters more exciting!

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