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The Knott's Berry Farm (KBF) Discussion Thread

P. 639: Montezooma's Revenge major renovations announced!

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1) I think they should make the parking lot next to Soak City a parking sturcture.


2) Take out the parking lot next to the hotel.


3) Move the office buildings and the behind the sences area across the street.


4) With all that they can expand and add about 25 more acres of land to the park.


But that will never happen. Except for in my dreams.



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I'm not even gonna start ranting about what Knott's should do, so to give us a little break, I'll post some of my pictures from Monday, some of them you might want to see!

First off, seems like the construction workers have a wierd fetish for 7-11


That's a lot of rebar


Two dumpsters, a cement maker, and dirt. What can get better than that?!


Some of the already placed footers


Possibly a tunnel?


The old train station with some heavy machinery


You can really see how far they've dug down when you see the Balloon Race platform that high up


Just to let you know, the following pictures were taken off property and I was in no restricted section to take these pictures. And now, what you've all been waiting for...


What's that stuff way off in the distance?


YES! It's track!


Some curvy bits



Look at all those supports


One last picture


Well, there you have it. Hope you enjoy them!


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Like most coasters which people think are "ugly" as they lay in pieces awaiting vertical construction, it'll probably turn out to look good or decent once the ride has been completed.


People said the exact same things about X, Scream! and Silver Bullet. But they look good up close in person.

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Usually the color of the coaster corresponds to the name. A sidewinder is a snake, which has a faded red color.


Now if X's or a SCREAM's names were an actual thing, or even in a thematical place [much like Knotts is] i'm sure they'd have different color schemes, but they are supposed to stick out, and look intimidating. I was however surprised when "Silver Bullet" was red and yellow, and nothing was really silver about it at all, howver, I think the red and Yellow make it look a lot nicer and it definetly fits into the theme of Knotts. Sierra Sidewinder will be a great addition, and I like the colors. Something a little different.

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When you here the name Sierra Sidwinder what do you think of? I myself picture a blue, grassy, and misty mountain, even though the name is a snake, the colors just do not fit me well. Despite the colors I believe the layout is excellent. It looks much better than Euro Mir.

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I was at Knotts yesterday for physics day and it looks like a lot of work is going on. I wish they would of started working on this earlier, it just stood there for like 2 months. As for the rest of the park, it was pretty busy because of all the schools but they managed to run Silver Bullet without stacking for about 90 percent of the time. Ghostrider was a mess though, they started the day out with one train operation.

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Silver Bullet isn't bad at all! It's better than nothing, IMO. I am just giddy for this ride. I can't wait. I'll be there taking pictures of the building of it overtime, so expect some pics as soon as progress starts on this ride.


I'm curious as to where it will be located.


If it weren't for Tatsu, Silver Bullet would be my favorite coaster ever. I love the first drop...especially from the first row.

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I have a problem with looking at your photos. I always come on here to have a look at the great rides but now where the photo should be there is a little box saying photo bucket and i cnt look at them can you please tell me how i can have a look. thanks. if you dnt have my email plz email me to this, pandaplatt@hotmail.com.[/b]

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