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The Knott's Berry Farm (KBF) Discussion Thread

P. 651: Montezooma's Revenge project terminated?

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I'm thinking it will be a star flyer type ride for 2011 in place of the old parachutes tower and the coaster I keep hearing is for 2012. So Far 2012 is starting to look like a great year Knotts/SFMM both rumored to get big coasters, Disneys Carsland, Hersheys 212 foot hyper, BGT massive launched coaster etc.


Well if Rumors are correct 2012 will be the year for Knotts regular sitdown chain lift full circut *BIG STEEL* coaster


Man, the ending of the world couldn't come at a more inconvenient time.

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After reading the description, it sounds like CF is making the right choice. Mondial's Wind Seeker can operate in higher winds with good capacity, and that will be very important at Cedar Point and Knott's. Hopefully Knott's doesn't name it Windjammer!

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So far we know it will take riders up 301 feet! and how do we know this...


Do you dare to fly 301' through the above Knott's?


Or maybe not, I have no idea what "through the above Knott's," is supposed to mean.


With the fly through and above. Mabey its not this rummored stratosaur swing ride, but a roller coaster. cough...Intamin Giga...cough. But if that was the case I think there will be more evidence lying around to support that claim like track pieces or land clearings. But anyway I think we will know by this time tomorrow what the heck is going on.

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Oh God. Heres my (potential) issue with this ride. If this ride is in ANY other section besides boardwalk this is a charm killer. I am a little apprehensive since we were all so happy we didnt get the drop tower, but now something new and bigger is coming. Dont get me wrong, those rides look REALLY cool, but I am a bit nervous this will go into a section where theres still a bit of charm.

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WindSeeker will be designed and manufactured by Mondial, a company based in the Netherlands that has been creating thrill rides for the amusement park industry since 1987. Mondial is known for their innovative and unique rides and maintains the highest standards in regards to quality and safety.


WindSeeker will feature 32, 2-person gondolas that will ascend to a height of 301 feet. Once it has reached the top of the tower, WindSeeker will spread it’s metal arms swinging riders for a 60 second flight at a 45 degree angle at a speed of 8 rotations per minute.


“Due to the long airtime, riders will experience a spectacular sense of weightlessness. This, combined with the fact that riders legs will be unrestrained, will create a sense of exhilaration which will enhance the feeling of free flight,” said Knott’s General Manager, Marty Keithley.


WindSeeker will be located at the current site of Knott’s Sky Cabin. Groundbreaking for WindSeeker is scheduled for fall of 2010 with completion expected by summer 2011.





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I suspect that the 301 total height includes the "K" at the top and that riders will be in the 250-275' range (still pretty high). Much like riders on Supreme Scream don't reach that ride's total height (355 feet, if I recall correctly) as the triangular structure at the top of it's tower is included in the total ride height.

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