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The Knott's Berry Farm (KBF) Discussion Thread

P. 651: Montezooma's Revenge project terminated?

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S&S Worldwide Presentation at West Coast Bash!


Hey everyone! Great news! I have just received confirmation that a representative from S&S Worldwide will be speaking during the presentation at Knott's Berry Farm on Sunday, March 21st during West Coast Bash! With the recent announcement of a brand new "4th Dimension Coaster" I'm sure it will be a very interested presentation!


If you haven't registered for West Coast Bash do it now! Click here:



See you at West Coast Bash!


--Robb Alvey


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I was hoping it would be up and running for WCB, but I wasn't counting on it. With any luck, maybe we can volunteer for "soft opening" testing. Honestly, I'm looking forward to the walkback tour of the Calico Mine ride more than anything else at Knott's.

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Good to know the catwalks are up finally. They weren't up Sunday so it must have not taken too long to install. That and the testing of the launch are all signs that things are moving ahead, and that hopefully within these next couple of weeks fully scale testing can begin.

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^^ I couldn't tell you if it was a winch or slow launches. I was only in the park for 2 hours. There were also about 3 or 4 mechanics running around on the launch track and train on top of the ones in the station. So what ever was going on, it appears Knotts is really trying to get things done and soon.

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The closure dates for Xcelerator have been changed on a regular basis since it closed. Every month they say it will be closed until the end of the current month. Sometime each month, usually near the end, they change the date to show that it will be closed until the end of the next month. In my opinion the dates listed are basically meaningless until we find out for sure that the ride has reopened.

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Ok guys, I took a quick run into the park today to get you all some photos of what's going on with Xcelerator with even a surprise I found as well. Anyway, here we go.


Welcome back to Knotts. As you can see, just a few rides down for rehab.


Still closed.


What is that in the distance?


Yes, Purple train has finally received it's shell. Interesting to note, maybe its just me but it seemed that the front car has darker colors. In particular, the yellow flames. Again, maybe just the lighting.


Now a look from the back of the station. Things have been cleaned up and progress is near completion. Also, the catwalk has been put up.


It is very strange to see a catwalk after all these years without one and will surely take time to get used to. I believe the catwalk rails will be painted a different color as well.


Access to the catwalk will be mid-way on the launch track by way of ladder.


Another view down the launch near the photo booth/exit. The catwalk ends right there.


Close up.


The construction area on the other side of the launch remains for now.


At the end of the launch, you can see this.


A closer view.


Ok, now for something new which kind of caught me a little off guard. Seems to me like the park has invested in a new full body dryer near Perilous Plunge. I have heard of these things in the past but never seen one in person nor installed in another park. Nice addition, but brings down my hopes of PP leaving anytime soon. Oh well.


The company who makes it.


The price you pay to be dry. Is it worth it? You be the judge.


Finally, a larger shot of the new addition. That's it for now everyone. Hope you enjoyed the short little update.



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