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The Knott's Berry Farm (KBF) Discussion Thread

P. 651: Montezooma's Revenge project terminated?

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  • 2 weeks later...

I am hoping it reopens soon too. I have not rode it since June and I am anxious to ride it again. Right now I am planning to go to the park on 3/5 so it is probably a long shot to expect it to be open by then. If it opens later in March I probably will not ride it until my next visit after that which would be on 4/12 at the earliest since I am skipping over Spring Break.

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I haven't ridden Xcelerator since last June, when I went for my graduation. I had to wait three separate times in that line to finally ride it.

It kept on breaking down, and I believe it even broke down a third time that day after I rode it. I'm visiting the park 2/27, and I doubt but hope it can be open. Miracles can happen.

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West Coast Bash Update!

Six Flags Magic Mountain have announced they will be giving everyone a "Backstage Photo Tour" and while they haven't given me too many details, it sounds like they will be taking us in groups to areas of the park where general public guests normally cannot get photo and videos. This should be awesome for those of you who love photographing rides or just the park in general. And hey, it's just cool to be able to see the park from a "behind the scenes" perspective even if you're not into taking pictures!


Knott's Berry Farm have told us that everyone will be getting a FREE Knott's T-Shirt! In addition to the TPR/Rideworld WCB 2010 Event T-Shirt, Knott's has thrown in some extra swag for FREE!!! So not only do we have the group photo included, but also a shirt! Awesome!


If you have not registered yet for West Coast Bash 2010 we highly recommend you do so before the event SELLS OUT! Register here:




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Went to Knott's on Saturday, February 13th. Here are my thoughts:


The Bad

1. Now that they are selling cheaper annual passes, they need to have a faster and better system for processing and upgrading. In December we tried to process our passes and after waiting for about 30 minutes, the machines went down and so they let us into the park and asked us to return at a later date. The people in line behind us said they had come twice in January, waited in line and then were told to come back because the machines were down again. Later in the day we were also told the machines had gone down temporarily. I completely understand this might happen randomly but it seems weird that it keeps happening. On Saturday, we also waited about 20 minutes to get our passes processed, but people that were upgrading a one-day ticket were forced to wait 45-60 minutes. It was mass drama for me to add parking to the pass. The man I got my picture taken with told me he couldn't do it and to have it done by guest services (in the same little building) before I left. The lady helping with the line had told me the same thing. I came there to do it on the way out and was told I had to wait in line again to add parking. WTF? I was NOT going to wait in that line again, especially since I had asked two people and this is what they had told me to do. I asked to see the manager and he said they would take care of it right there. I spoke to him while I waited for the parking pass to be added and he told me that they were having a lot of problems with the annual passes because they just weren't prepared for the large volumes. They are now 2+ months into offering the pass for 60 bucks, they need to figure something better out! It took 16 minutes (I timed it because of a text I sent right when starting the process) to get my parking added. This is ridiculously inefficient. The poor lady had to enter so much information just to get parking. They also have ONE credit card machine in the entire processing building! So, when people come in to upgrade or add parking and want to use a credit or debit card (as was everybody) they have to wait for the one machine. So stupid. This is minor but it was soooooooo hot in the building. I felt so bad for the people working there.


2. It was crowded that day, which we were prepared for but Knott's just sucks at handling crowds. We were there on a rainy, empty day in December and I swear the same amount of food locations were open on both days. This makes zero sense. I don't get the way they operate their rides. We went to go on the train and got in line. They made everybody wait about 10 minutes while they loaded a person in a wheelchair at the back of the train and then loaded the rest of the people. I just don't see why they couldn't have loaded the rest of the train at the same time and saved a few minutes. I know it is small, but it just seems illogical. They had 2 trains operating on Silver Bullet but they were so slow at getting them going and the one was always waiting behind the other one at the station. I believe this is called stacking. Anyway, we tried to get on both Silver Bullet and Montezooma's and they were closed. Silver Bullet opened a few hours later and we were told Montezooma's was not reopening.


3. The fried cheese place near Log Ride was closed. This may not affect others, but my friends and I have loved this place for years and want it back!!!!


4. This isn't Knott's fault but someone knocked my side mirror off in the parking lot. No note, nothing.


5. I want to love Knott's so much because I grew up going there, but they make it so hard. Some of the people seem downright surly and sometimes they are set-up to not do well at their jobs. I am a director at my work and when systems don't work, it is often the fault of the boss and not the poor frontline employee.


The Good

1. The ambiance and theming are still there and do add to the park.


2. Boysenberry punch and pie are still yummy. The bakery in the marketplace is still good.


3. I had never been over to Independence Hall or that area and so this time we ventured over there. I thought it was pretty neat and that area is parklike and pretty.


4. There was a Civil War Reenactment camp going on near the hall in a big grass field and it was SUPER cool. They were all dressed up and had tents, weapons, etc. set up all over. They were really nice people and reminded me of this community in how htey interacted with one another and shared a large common interest. This was probably the best part of the day.


5. They were working on Excelerator on a Saturday afternoon so hopefully this bodes well for WCB!

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^Thanks for the honest review Melissa, you seem a lot like me a few years ago. I wanted to see Knotts succeed and go back to their glory days but they just kept making it so hard to believe in them!


As for the season pass processing, that's been a problem FOREVER, not just with this new promotion. I remember waiting in that little building back in 2001 and they coulnd't get their act together. Giant lines, two people working, one of which didn't know what the backspace key was, it was insane.

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I was at the park yesterday to get my pass processing. It took 40mins from the overhang. Latter that day the line went all the way back to the restrooms by GhostRiders lift hill. They desperately need a new AP processing center



GhostRider had the longest line I have ever see for the ride, it was all the way back to the entrance and all switch backs were being used.


The line for the AP processing Center when I left the park. If I had to guess I would say the line is about 90-120mins long.


Here is an little update on Xcelerator.


The footers for the new catwalk that will run the length of the launch seem to be all complete.


All day I saw at least six mechanics working on Xcelerator. It look like they were working on getting the catch car back into the launch trough.


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^^^ I have been a KBF pass holder since 2005 and various non-consecutive years since the mid 90's. I have not had the problems you did with paying or adding parking but I do agree that they need a more efficient way of processing season passes. When I renewed my pass in December, 09 I got right in with no wait but that was on a school day and the park was deserted. When I renewed in January, 09 the park was slightly more crowded and I had to wait one hour to renew, which is longer than I waited in line for any of the rides I went on that day.

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Knott's Infrastructure is horribly outdated all around. It wasn't even until my 3rd or 4th year of Haunt that they could accept credit cards at the employee cafeteria. The park also becomes a lake in heavy rain. The cash registers in the stores are old as well.


Regarding the passes, what really blows my mind is that tiny little building also has to double as guest relations. It's amazing they can get 2-3 million guests a year and haven't given any thought to upgrading it.

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