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The Knott's Berry Farm (KBF) Discussion Thread

P. 651: Montezooma's Revenge project terminated?

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Do any locals think Knotts can open soon this season (or at all) with Orange County taken off your Governor's shit list??? I just read that Disneyland is putting up plexiglass barriers at it's entries. Possible preparation for reopening. Not sure if this is true or not. I hope so, since I'd love to ride again even if it's at Knotts. I really need this to happen at Magic Mountain. I know that's another thread.

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Unfortunately it has nothing to do with the counties, it all has to do with the state and we all know what’s going on there. SMH. Expect after the election the parks will be able to open. My guess mid November

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Has anyone seen the new guidelines that just came out today? If I’m reading it correctly Knotts and Disneyland should be able to reopen very soon. All indoor rides would likely have to remain closed for now. It’s all based on county.

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Has anyone seen the new guidelines that just came out today? If I’m reading it correctly Knotts and Disneyland should be able to reopen very soon. All indoor rides would likely have to remain closed for now. It’s all based on county.


I am showing the theme parks are closed even in counties in the "Minimal" lowest group. It looks like amusement parks are still a separate discussion.






CA’s New Reopening Plan Does Not Include Disneyland, Knott’s, or Other Theme Parks

By Joseph Pimentel Orange County

PUBLISHED 7:14 PM ET Aug. 28, 2020


ORANGE COUNTY, Calif. — Disneyland, Knott’s Berry Farm, Universal Studios Hollywood, and other theme parks across the state will have to continue to wait for the governor’s guidance on when they can reopen.


Gov. Gavin Newsom on Friday announced a new process for reopening businesses across the state amid the coronavirus pandemic called Blueprint for a Safer Economy, but it did not include guidelines for theme park operators.


What You Need To Know

Disneyland and other theme park operators still have not received guidelines from the state as to when they can reopen


Gov. Gaving Newsom unveiled a new process for businesses to reopen


The closures of Disneyland and other theme parks have hurt Southern California's economy


Newsom said he is working with theme park operators on how to safely reopen theme parks

When asked by a reporter on when Disneyland and other theme parks can safely reopen, Newsom said amusement parks are a separate business category and that he’s working with theme park leaders on guidance.


“We are working with them,” Newsom said during a press conference. “We set our discussions aside on that. It is a very dynamic conversation, and so we didn't include it in the update today. That is a separate conversation.”


Even the minimal counties have amusement parks closed.


Activity selection

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Has anyone seen the new guidelines that just came out today? If I’m reading it correctly Knotts and Disneyland should be able to reopen very soon. All indoor rides would likely have to remain closed for now. It’s all based on county.


During the Q and A section of the governor's press conference somebody specifically asked about theme parks. Governor Newsom said that they are still "actively working" on guidelines for theme parks. (Basically the same thing he's been saying the last 3 months.)


Its funny because Orange County was removed from the state's watchlist last weekend, and as of today, it is showing ranked "purple" which is the most severe of the new levels.

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Quick question. I’m thinking of heading to Taste of Knotts this weekend but my Driver license recently expired. I just got the temporary paper one from the DMV. Would I be able to purchase alcohol at the park with that and my expired license??

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Honestly, that is going to be up to the individual employee you deal with that is actually selling you the alcohol. Probably just bring your old one and the paper one, and hope for the best. But, I would think you would be fine with both.


Not in CA. Must be a valid photo ID. The temp paper one won’t work.

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The fun bun is actually delicious, but it's definitely something you want to share! I'm glad that Knott's is extending this event, hopefully I can make it down to SoCal and check it out. I'm having Boysenberry withdrawals since the Boysenberry Festival was cancelled, it's a must-do for our family every year!

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On Saturday 9/26/20, Theme Park Review was invited to experience the Knott's Taste of Fall-o-ween event, the next in a wonderfully endless string of events at Knott’s Berry Farm.


The event runs Fridays – Sundays until November 1. To experience the event, a tasting card must be purchased in advance at knotts.com, and includes entry into the park. The tasting card has raised $5 in price compared from the last event to now be $35 for adults with 5 food tastings, and Junior tasting cards for patrons ages 3-11 is up $5 from the last event to now be $20 with 3 food tastings, and a trip through the Camp Snoopy Trick-or-Treat Trail.


A few tips if you are going to attend the event:

-We recommend arriving at noon for the start of the event, as the crowd level picks up throughout the day.

-Many food items can be found at multiple food locations, so check to see if one of your desired items can be found at a location off the beaten path.

-The food lanyard is handed to you with the hole punch at the top of the card, causing you to have to awkwardly turn the car to read it. However, there is now a secondary hole punch on the bottom of the lanyard so you can flip the card around and easily read it from your perspective. We love this new and simple addition!


We love that Knott's is bringing seasonal event to life every few months, encouraging patrons to come back every so often. Thank you so much to Miranda and the Knott’s Team for your hospitality!


It's Fall-o-ween time!


We have our tasting card ready to go!


First was a great chicken taco from the Fiesta Village area.


We highly recommend the Open-faced Reuben Sandwich!


Amazing Pastrami Tots!


We tried the vegetarian meatball slider with sweet potato waffle fries, and love it.


The Graveyard Funnel Cake.


The Ghoulish Pumpkin Bun is a must!


Cookiewich with Pumpkin Soft-serve Ice Cream is another winner!


Cookies and Scream Whoopie Pie.


Hey Lucy!


We loved seeing the Peanuts pals out!


We noticed even more entertainment than the previous event.






Let's take a look at the Trick-or-Treat Trail included with the Junior Tasting cards.


The trail beings by Montezuma's Revenge.


We loved all the decorations on the trail, including a substantial amount of scenic pieces from Halloween Haunts of past.







Of course, there is candy!



Thank you again to Knott's for inviting us for the wonderful fall fun!

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Great trip report! I was there on Friday, Sept. 25. I think as a an alternative event to Scary farm, it was a very well put together event. Many, many tables so you can spread out. It only feels mildly crowded around the Bird Cage theater and Fiesta village. I enjoyed the magic / comedy act while sitting a the picnic tables. And if you love sugar, wow! So many good options. The cheesecake trifle is fantastic, pumpkin cannoli, and so on. If you need a cheat day, Knott's has you covered. They play music everywhere, have some light fog, and looks amazing at night.

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