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The Knott's Berry Farm (KBF) Discussion Thread

P. 651: Montezooma's Revenge project terminated?

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I stopped by Knott's on Thursday for a couple of hours. My second dining pass meal of the year was another winner. I can state that the tri-tip from Boardwalk BBQ was equally as good as the pulled pork. Hangtime had two pieces of track left to install and the burned fire station had a bulldozer inside working on demo. The header on the front fire station door had just come down.


Hangtime track almost complete


Hangtime track almost complete


Hangtime track almost complete


Tri-tip is another winner from Boardwalk BBQ


Burned fire station demo


Band crossing?

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*please be open by late March*

*please be open by late March*



one can only hope...........


I hope it's open by March 16 to be exact. Not that I'll be in town then, but it would still be cool for it to open with Boysenberry Festival.


BTW, I wonder what kind of sway effect having a single spindly support holding up the "top hat" will have on the feel of entering that loop?

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Looking at that larger overall photo of it, it just seems to "fit" the entire area!

Like it should have been there, years and years ago.


Love it! I'll be riding it in 2019, I hope.

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Apparently Sol Spin is stuck in the air, according to someone who just posted on Facebook who is actually on the ride.


EDIT. Apparently it was last night, but he posted this evening. The wording made it sound current. My bad. But still. Broke down again. I'm convinced that spot is cursed. They could install anything in that area and it would break down. If they were to build a restaurant it burn down. If they made it a planter the flowers would die. Heck even a water fountain would probably break down.

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