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The Knott's Berry Farm (KBF) Discussion Thread

P. 630: Knott's Scary Farm 2021 mazes and shows revealed!

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^^ Why do they need a permit just to work on Sky Cabin, or any ride for that matter? I can see if they are actually building something but just to work on it?


You technically need a building permit to do any work on a home or business including replacing a water heater. City governments need their funds and want to be sure that repairs are to building code.

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^^ Why do they need a permit just to work on Sky Cabin, or any ride for that matter? I can see if they are actually building something but just to work on it?


uh, looks like they are building something.

We aren't talking about HangTime. This permit is for SkyCabin which is already built and has been for decades.


yeah, i know. did you not read it?

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^ Yes, they are going to upgrade the ladder and catwalk. I though that just meant they were going to work on it.


Buena Park Building Division requires permits to construct or modify a building or structure. Upgrading ladders and catwalks likely qualifies as modification ("upgrading" catwalks at DL always did for Anaheim). The only except for a catwalk is if it's less than 30" off the ground.

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I noticed something interesting while perusing around Knott's website... Apparently the official name for Xcelerator is "Xcelerator the Ride" with a copyright symbol. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I don't think it's ever been like that on the website before. Not a big deal, just strange. Anyone know why?


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Knott's Network just posted this construction photo of Hangtime, looks like the lift motors are partly in place and the lift track is going up. Makes me wonder which ride is going to open first, Hangtime or Xcelerator? I just hope both of them are open in time for the Boysenberry Festival in April.


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I've seen some other videos and photos that show the supports sitting down inside of those openings in the tops of the footings. Is this common for Gerstlauer to not bolt their supports onto the footings?


Oh, and the blue and tan combo looks like barf. Yuck.


I don’t understand why people don’t seem to like this color scheme much (not so much on here, but mostly whiny 12-year-olds on Instagram).


I love the colors, and they fit the beach boardwalk theme perfectly. Honestly I think Xcelerator’s scheme is more “barf” than HangTime’s.

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-But I actually don't think they need to relocate any of the backstage area across the street. If they just build a new administration building and the costume shop in the area to the south of the main warehouses that would only cost maybe $10 million, and it would still open up 17 acres for expansion. That's still a good chunk of land. To give you an idea how big that is all of the real estate encircled by the railroad is a little more than 13 acres. Then a five story parking structure would cost between $30-50 million. Plus a new hotel (which is actually much needed) would probably be another $25 million. Yeah that's a high price tag but sometimes you have to invest in the future. If Knott's can't expand they will NEVER compete.


So even using your math of $10mil+$30mil+$25mil, that would 40-50% of Cedar Fair capital expansion budget for the entire year. And that is not even factoring in the cost of whatever hypothetical expansion actually is. But you are not likely going to get a 320 room 3* hotel demolished and rebuilt for $25 million.

Nah, my buddy Jimmy Bob'll do it for $25 million. He's got hisself a big ass truck and he done hauled some wide loads in his time.


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ran by Knott's to take some pics of the new construction. sky cabin went up while i was there. i probably wouldn't have noticed because i was looking at xcelerator, but the 3 point basketball guy started saying it was moving and to look since it doesn't happen often. lol all the windows are out of it and it wasn't rotating. mechanic got out at the top and climbed up the ladder. nothing going on at xcelerator. train in the station. not sure how tight the launch cables are but they didn't look super tight. anyway, here's a bunch of pics i took today.























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