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The Knott's Berry Farm (KBF) Discussion Thread

P. 639: Montezooma's Revenge major renovations announced!

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^ Thoughts go out to those stuck in the cabin. Hope the situation improves, very soon.


Couldn't staff go up the middle of the tower and evac people into it? Or are there no

tower "doors" at that level?

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I thought something was up this afternoon. Went to the park today, didnt get to the back corner by xcelerator until around 1:45-2 and it was stuck in the middle and there was a staff member at the entrance of sky cabin. Thought it just had gotten stuck during morning testing had no idea anyone was stuck even when I left the area around 3:30-3:45. Weird that it took so long for authorities to be notified. I knew they were working on it on the top while waiting for xcel I could see the hatch at the top of the tower open with the lights on but had no idea anyone was stuck until I got home and turned the news on.

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DId they close down the park and make everyone leave because of this? or are other rides still going on and the area is blocked off?


I was wondering this as well!


Park stayed open. There is an access gate already behind the boardwalk for fire department to drive right in without interrupting the rest of the park.

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Shocking that the news reports 120 feet when they were really only 100 feet up. Wow, out of everyone on the Sky Cabin, 1 was "crying" and that was all. Misinformation from perhaps the lowest form of human beings on the planet. I'm so sick of the news in general, not to mention their exaggerations to create drama and get more viewers. They make everything sound incrementally worse no matter the situation. Unless they're doing a "feel good" story at the end of the hour, then they exaggerate the other way.


I mean, check this out, from a Yahoo article citing the Windseeker incident: "In a much more frightening incident at Knott's, a group of 20 people in 2013 were stuck 300 feet high on a ride that left them exposed with their legs dangling out."


Oh REALLY? That's all the info you wanna give?


BTW I would be stoked to repel from the Sky Cabin from 100 feet.

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Even knott's official release says approximately, so I don't think being off by 20ft is much of an exaggeration...


Also, as someone who hates heights, I would most definitely be more terrified being stuck on windseeker vs. inside the sky cabin and you would be stuck with your feet dangling exposed to the elements...so that seems like an accurate description.

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Yikes. That was a long time for people to be stuck. I assume some people couldn't wait so long to use a proper bathroom...


Could this incident affect the ride's future at Knott's? If I remember correctly, wasn't the Windseeker incident the beginning of the end for that ride in CA?

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Apples to Oranges. I suspect this evacuation has been practiced and is the approved method. Windseeker posed challenges that they should have thought about beforehand and somehow let it slip through the cracks...

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Local news reports stated that this was a planned operation and OCFA already had this procedure ready to put into place on this ride. There was very little discussion about what they were going to do and how to do it according to one of helicopter reporters who was listening to the scanner which means it was simply a action plan they already had that they deployed. High roller in Vegas also has a similar evacuation plan with repels and rope work. Only change I can see happening on sky cabin is the addition of a emergency kit like the one that's on high roller if it didn't already have a small one.

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Thank you for your 8-hour ride aboard the Sky Cabin today and it is time for our thrilling finale. Each rider will get to repel down the side of the tower with their very own member of the local fire department. How if that folks? Give the men in uniform a hand! Now we know you have many choices in amusement parks and we thank you for continuing to choose Knott's as your entertainment provider and we do hope that you have a pleasant day.


Anyway, GMA states that they tried using a fire truck and a ladder. You can see it in the first photo below and the ladder did not reach the cabin. They then had to climb through small access hole in base of tower. Then climb up the middle of the tower and repel everyone individually to the ground.


Video of repeling


Repel everyone from cabin


Fire truck in front of midway game


Ladder didn't reach


Entered tower through access hole for climb to top


They tried fire truck and ladder

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