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The Knott's Berry Farm (KBF) Discussion Thread

P. 639: Montezooma's Revenge major renovations announced!

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To all of you who have gotten injured on Ghost Rider...I do not understand how you can get hurt on it. Seriously, after I ride, I just get up and I feel absolutely fine! Sure, you get a little shaken up during the ride, but I feel fine by the time the train enters the station.


^ Seriously the question that should be asked is how do you NOT get injured after riding Ghostrider. Your statement just baffles me!!!

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Perhaps we are just getting old? At 12 years of age, maybe he is isn't as susceptible to having a sore back after a jarring ride on Ghostrider? Or maybe he is just getting smoother rides. I know that last time I rode I was lucky enough to get a fairly good ride. Came off it feeling fine.

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^^Funny, (though my last ride on Ghostrider sucked) my very first ride on Ghostrider happend to be fine, like your most recent ride. For our most recent ride, I told my mom not to sit in the second row, but she did and ended up swearing to herself to never to go on it agian. It felt like driving down our semi-rough dirt road in a car with very thin tires...... scratch that, NO tires and really stiff suspension at 200 mph. I had to rest a little after it.


And something I just have to get out of my mouth (you won't be surprised); I'd recommend sitting in the back seat of Xcelerator; it's more intense and you get airtime over the first hill. Something wonderful inbetween ejector and floater.

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I'd recommend sitting in the back seat of Xcelerator

When I worked there way back when (2006) that was the only seat I would test ride it. The best seat by far for intensity, and should the cable happen to shred apart on the launch (a la TTD and KK) it's nice to have 18 seats to use as a sheild.

Greatest. Quote. Ever.


But I also agree, I rode Xcel in the very front, very back, and middle, nothing quite matched being yanked down the drop and flying out of my seat at the same time

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^Other than a free tcket I got back in like 1994 for getting good grades (Knott's use to give these passes to schools and the school would give them to you if you made the honor roll. good for the student and their family. Cedar Fair firmly put a stop to that.) the first time I had REALLY been to Knott's was 2004, so the only thing i can really remember was 1.Xcelerator's original uniforms (which they ditched prior to me working there) and Silver Bullet's construction.

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I miss the Soap Box Racers and the parachutes, but today's clientele wouldn't appreciate them at all. People hate Pony Express because it doesn't go faster, higher, and/or upside down; imagine what they'd say about the bumpy, ground-level ride that goes 20 mph.


Blackpool is allegedly considering removing the Steeplechase for their next attraction.

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People hate Pony Express because it doesn't go faster, higher, and/or upside down;


A few pages back...


Pony Express is such a waste...I'd have rather seen Knott's save the money for something better. A different family coaster, a dark ride, family rides, a flat ride, or something big in a few years, I think it would be more worth the money than Pony Express.


Pony Express...it's not worth Knott's building it and us riding it for two reasons:


1. It is SUPER short. About 30 seconds I think. (XLR8R is short too, but at least it is thrilling)

2. It's just not fun. No airtime, no G's hardly at all. And the brake section is horribly painful with the restraint pushing on your back so hard.


Don't forget its atrocious capacity. So many reasons not to even bother riding it. I got the credit when it opened, now I ignore it.


Pony Express was a great idea as far as the theming being a good fit, the ride concept, and the family-friendly aspect, but the ride (albeit well executed in the allotted space) is just painfully short and uneventful IMHO; just as it gets interesting you hit the brakes.


It's not the height/speed that everyone hates, it's how pointless and uncomfortable it is. If Knott's didn't have enough room to make a nice family coaster that had decent length/was worth riding, then Pony Express shouldn't have been built.

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You people complain to much




My only complaint about Pony Express is the height requirement! The ride is a great ride for young ones and family, especially those who have never been on a launching coaster. The problem is, the day they are tall enough for Pony Express is the same day they are tall enough for Montezooma's Revenge.


I'm sure when my niece is finally over 48' she will like Pony Express, but soon forget about it when I take her on her second launch/first looping coaster Monte!


As far as looking into the future goes, I'd like to see some major rehab on GhostRider! Less Xcelerator down time would also be a huge plus for the park!

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