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The Knott's Berry Farm (KBF) Discussion Thread

P. 651: Montezooma's Revenge project terminated?

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Zoom has always had 2 trains, as does Boomerang.


Thanks for answering my question as I never noticed that before.


It makes sense that they do this, so they don't have to close the ride down when a train is in re-hab.

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No problem. You're correct, it does help to have a 2nd train which does cut down on length of time needed for rehab. A lot of parks use this practice, Disney and Busch parks are another example.

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I was at the park last week and Xcelerator was only running one train. The second train was in pieces next to the transfer track and does not look like it will be back on the ride anytime soon.



I find it very odd, that it is now July and Xcelerator is not running two trains. It made for some pretty brutally long waits in that queue with zero shade.


Anyone know whats going on? The only time I've seen Xcelerator running one train in the middle of the summer was back when the ride first opened.

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Sounds like the train rehab fell behind schedule. Most likely due to Zoom being down along with LR refurb.

Also, XC has less downtimes with 1 train, so consider it a blessing in disguise.....

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Sorry for no pictures, keep on forgetting to take them after work haha. I'll try to get some tomorrow, but basically from what I can tell,as was stated before the air gates are new,new floor/stairs, new lights on circles, and new train with new paint. It looks like the ride has been running really well from what I can tell. I don't know what the deal is with Xcelerator, but hopefully 'Murica train will be back up soon.

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Sorry for no pictures, keep on forgetting to take them after work haha. I'll try to get some tomorrow, but basically from what I can tell,as was stated before the air gates are new,new floor/stairs, new lights on circles, and new train with new paint. It looks like the ride has been running really well from what I can tell. I don't know what the deal is with Xcelerator, but hopefully 'Murica train will be back up soon.


Rode Montezooma's twice, and it does have brand new air gates. There was also new padding on the seats/lap bars, as well as a fresh outer coat of paint on the train. There was probably more, but those were the main things I noticed. Here is a picture of the air gates.ImageUploadedByTapatalk1373435095.904525.jpg.d26c7b58ee8693306e02a43e99fefb59.jpg


Speaking of MR, as one of the trains was slowing back in to the station (after coming down the back spike), a few of the brakes didn't engage and the train flew about 10-ish feet farther than it was supposed to. I've never seen this happen before, but they just unloaded the people, disengaged the brakes, pushed the train back, closed the brakes, tested it a couple times, and opened it up again! Here is how far ahead the train was when it stopped, viewing from the line for the back car.ImageUploadedByTapatalk1373435277.803909.jpg.9945133f22d8ed482b80fd92341acb6c.jpg

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Here's a few more photos. Mind the darkness as this was taken tonight after my closing shift at the park.

Other than that, the train got a fresh coat of paint as mentioned and the station floor and stairs were redone with a rubbery material that looks nice. Next time you go to the park, check it out for yourself! .


Front of the Train Decal


View of Seats with new padding


New airgates


Circles all lit up nicely. I believe they added in different color bulbs, but I could be wrong. It looks awesome in person at night.

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Speaking of MR, as one of the trains was slowing back in to the station (after coming down the back spike), a few of the brakes didn't engage and the train flew about 10-ish feet farther than it was supposed to. I've never seen this happen before, but they just unloaded the people, disengaged the brakes, pushed the train back, closed the brakes, tested it a couple times, and opened it up again!


Happened when I was there in early May too. We rode, and on the run after us the brake didn't stop the train completely (we were already at the gates for our next ride). But they got it running again pretty quickly as you've described.

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Yesterday was the first ever Halloween Haunt Press Conference at Knott's Berry Farm, and TPR was there with David and Spears! Knott's put on this event to announce what's in store for Haunt 2013. They invited media and season pass holders to the Charles Schulz Theatre to reveal the mazes, scare zones, and shows that will entertain and scare you this Halloween season. The presentation was great, and the whole crowd was enthusiastic and excited for all the announcements - it was a lot of fun! Check out our full report below...


We're at Knott's Berry Farm to get the scoop on Haunt 2013!


Right after entering, we were greeted by a spooky host who pointed us to the Charles Schulz Theatre.


This was the line of season pass holders waiting to get in right before the theatre opened. Knott's has been doing a lot of special stuff to reward season pass holders lately (like morning ERT!), and this event was another great perk for pass holders.


The theater opened and the crowd funneled in.


Spears was in the Halloween spirit with her spooky spider ring. Even the weather got into the Halloween spirit - it was cool and drizzling outside - a rarity during the summer in So Cal!


As everyone settled in, monsters started appearing throughout the theater to scare guests.


This picture will haunt my dreams. He's looking right at me! Ahhhhh!


Lots of people got scared!


Including Spears!


Jeff Tucker - Supervisor of Park Shows, Knott's Scary Farm Facebook guy, Author of "The Sixth Key," and white-sparkly-jacket-wearing-hero-of-West-Coast-Bash - came on stage to greet the crowd. Those who have seen Jeff on stage before know that he is always hilarious and he puts on a great show!


Jeff introduced (from left to right) haunt designers Brooke Walters, Daniel Miller, Timothy "Gus" Krueger, and Lara Hanneman.


They dove right in and started off by announcing the returning haunt mazes.


The first returning maze is Trick or Treat! You will once again get to trick or treat at the Witch's house to see the Witch, her tricksters, and the dead children she killed. This maze, along with all the returning mazes, will have some new surprises to keep them interesting for fans who have been through them before.


The next returning maze is Pinocchio Unstrung! An evil Pinocchio will once again be collecting dead bodies to cover his skin.


Daniel said Pinocchio Unstrung is, "Grotesque, twisted, and fun!" Only a haunt designer could say something is grotesque and fun!


Next up for the returning mazes - Delirium! I'm a fan of this maze, so I was happy to hear that it's returning. You enter the mind of a psychotic patient in an asylum and live her nightmares.


Endgames is also returning! It moved to a new location last year, and will remain in that location this year.


Also returning: The Slaughterhouse! This maze is the longest running maze currently at Haunt, and the beef on the menu is still not what it was advertised to be!


The Mine Ride will once again be turned into "The Witch's Keep." Last year this was an unadvertised maze for those who discovered it, and this year it will return once again. The Green Witch finds a cavern with energy that she uses to enslave everyone in the mine to do her bidding.


But enough about the returning mazes, here come the new mazes!


First up, Dominion of the Damned! Evolved from last year's Dominion of the Dead, this maze focuses on the King and adds more horror and more goth. There's also a deja vu theme - in one scene you will walk in and be seduced, and then in the next room that looks the same you will be murdered.


The next new maze is Forevermore!


Forevermore is a modern interpretation of Edgar Allen Poe's work. It's going to be extremely gory, and you will see the stories you know interpreted in a modern and horrific way.


Also new for 2013, Black Magic!


As a former magician and lover of magic, I'm excited for this maze.


You will tour a burnt out old theater, make contact with Harry Houdini and other demonic illusionists, and see an array of magic tricks gone wrong.


Next up, The Gunslinger's Grave!


Set in 1883 in the old west, a corrupt Mayor hires the Red Hand Gang to kill a local gunslinger who got too close to the Mayor's corruption. The gang burned down the gunslinger's house, killed his family, and thought they killed the gunslinger - but they were wrong - and now he's back for revenge. You will get to walk in the steps of the gunslinger on a path of revenge through the old west.


One neat thing to note about The Gunslinger's Grave is that when you are inside a building, you will actually be in a building, and when you walk outside, you will actually be walking outside. When you're outside, you'll feel dirt beneath your feet, and when you're inside you'll feel wood beneath your feet. This added level of realism should enhance the maze and make it seem more realistic.


Another new for 2013 maze: Mirror Mirror!


This one has the potential to be a standout maze. You will go through an actual mirror maze and have to find your way out with haunted touches throughout the maze.


The final new maze for 2013 is Trapped: The New Experiment!


Trapped was the extra scary, solve-puzzles-to-get-out, upcharge maze introduced last year. This year it's back - but it's totally new (no rooms will be re-used), longer, and even scarier than before. I loved Trapped last year, so I'm really excited to see what they'll do this year. Get your liability waivers and safe words ready! There will also be a Trapped VIP lounge that you can go in any time during the night if you've bought a ticket for Trapped that night.


On to the Scare Zones...


This year there will be 4 scare zones. Returning are Ghost Town, Carnevil, and Necropolis. New for this year will be Village of the Dead in Fiesta Village. As you can see in this pic, smoke began to appear on stage...


The lights turned green, monsters appeared, and all throughout the theater we could hear the cackle of The Green Witch!


She appeared on screen and announced that she will give everyone something to scream about!


The Green Witch will be back at Haunt this year - in Trick Or Treat, The Witch's Keep, and also roaming free with her band of tricksters.


Jeff Tucker fell to the floor and shivered in fear like a sissy little baby!


Live Shows!


Knott's always has strong live entertainment during the year, and especially during Haunt. This year's shows will be Possessed - an opportunity for you to come face to face with ghosts, Carny Trash - a magician carny will take you on a tour of the legends of the carnivals, Cursed, The Blood Drums, Academy of Villains - they were featured on America's Got Talent, and of course, The Hanging will return.


The special guest for the evening was then introduced... Elvira!


Elvira said it was great to be back at Knott's after 12 years, and announced that she would be appearing every night of Haunt in the show "Elvira’s Sinema Séance!"


The monsters carried her luggage on stage since she'd be staying at Knott's awhile.


Elvira's back!


Jeff wished everyone a good night and that concluded the presentation.


The screen showed the Elvira and Knott's logos as everyone left the theater.


On the way out we took some pictures with the monsters.




Fans of R. Kelly's "Ignition" will know that, "after the show it's the after party." Lo and behold, outside there was an after party for members of the media. R. Kelly would be proud!


It was a scary after party!


There were props set up.


And spooky centerpieces on all the tables.


Of course Knott's pulled out all the stops and had food!


Lots of food!


Mmmm... food!


And desserts!


Creepy desserts!


All the desserts were so impressive!


But what's better than all the rainbows and all the unicorns in the entire universe? Free drinks!


And an ice dolphin OF DEATH!


Spears got wine!


It started drizzling, but thankfully some monsters were there to keep Spears dry.


We liked all the spooky flower displays they had.


You had to watch your back, because you never knew when someone would sneak up!


As night fell, there was lots of clowning around.






The clown tried to get Spears to look in his hat, but she refused!


Elvira came out and sat in a throne underneath the marquee.


Elvira posed for some photos.


Spears posed for some photos.


We were clearly having too much fun, because the night seemed to fly by, and before we knew it the letters were coming down on the marquee and the party was over.


Thanks Knott's for throwing such an awesome event and for inviting TPR to attend! We loved hearing about all the surprises in store for Haunt, and we can't wait to experience everything in the Fall! The first night of Haunt is September 26th... don't miss it! Thanks for checking out our report!

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Figures the year after I leave socal is the year Elvira makes her return to Haunt. Intrigued by the Mirror maze concept and how they will use it and what changes they will be making to Trapped.


Thanks for all the coverage David and Spears!

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