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The Knott's Berry Farm (KBF) Discussion Thread

P. 639: Montezooma's Revenge major renovations announced!

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Does anyone have a good strategy for hitting up Knott's? I was thinking on riding Xcelleracer first than going to Boomerang after. Is there a better way to tackle the park? Also, I will be visiting on thursday of next week, how will crowds be? Is it worth it to purchase a Fast Lane or can I go without it. Thanks!

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Knot's said that they would release all of their info for Haunt's 40th this year if they reached 10,040 likes. They are now well over that so it's only a matter of time now before they release the info.


They've started to announce returning mazes and their new features for 2012:


Knott's Scary Farm Halloween Haunt 2012

Returning Maze: VIRUS Z


Welcome to Pleasanton - Population: Zero. Virus Z has turned the entire town into hunger-crazed zombies and you’re the last meal in town. Hordes of bloodthirsty corpses roam the small town in search of fresh meat. Help has arrived, but not to rescue – they’re here to wall the entire town off from the world.


UPDATED FOR 2012: Now with 1,000 more gallons of blood!


Locked in a cement grave for decades under the bowels of the lake, an abandoned, government fallout shelter is crawling with human/animal genetic hybrids, toxic mutants, and nuclear freaks, hungry for carnage. Grab your Geiger Counters and put on your radiation suits, the residents are ravenous.


UPDATED 2012: Now with more toxic sludge than ever before! Watch your step or you may find yourself mutating into one of the family!


Knott's Scary Farm Halloween Haunt 2012



Folks from near and far come a-runnin’ for Farmer Willy’s world famous BBQ! Why you can smell the sizzling meat all the way from the interstate! Just take Exit I-13 and follow your nose!


Venture through the Slaughterhouse where Uncle Willy will feed you full of BBQ, slather you with special sauce, tenderize you with his chainsaw, and grind you into a tasty meat treat. Bone appetite!


UPDATED FOR 2012: Take a full tour of Uncle Willie’s kitchen, dining room and learn the secret of his mouth watering BBQ sauce!


Knott's Scary Farm Halloween Haunt 2012

Returning Maze: DELIRIUM


In the deep recesses of the mind, on the clouded brink of insanity, lies the hellish wasteland of Delirium; a place so gruesome that your imagination fails to comprehend the horrors. Illusion and paranoia are your only anchors to reality. Welcome to your worst nightmare!


UPDATED FOR 2012: The Pillar of Souls will test the limits of your mind. Can you stare into the abyss of your own terror?


Knott's Scary Farm Halloween Haunt 2012:

Returning Maze: ENDGAMES


The world as we know it has ended. The survivors in this barren desert have scavenged to rebuild society. Few are safe. The rich and powerful have turned all others into slaves for sport. Enter the post apocalyptic arena where the gladiators are forced to battle to their deaths for entertainment...and the games will be televised.


UPDATED FOR 2012: Watch out for the expanded Arena!

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From the Knott's Season Pass Holder Facebook Page:


Season Pass Holders exclusive! Starting June 16th at 9:30 am you can enjoy daily Early Ride Time (ERT) on all of Camp Snoopy plus one coaster. The coaster will alternate daily between Silver Bullet, Montezooma's Revenge and Ghost Rider.


This is pretty awesome.


Apparently this also applies to those with a hotel package.

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Another returning maze announced!


Knott's Scary Farm Halloween Haunt 2012

Returning Maze: DIA DE LOS MUERTOS in 3D


Sacrificial blood rains down from the skies. The screams of La Llorona, the Weeping Woman, echo all around as the creatures of the night crawl from their decrepit crypts. Venture into the forbidden jungle of El Chupacabra and the blood soaked lair of primordial demons. “Dia de los Muertos”, the Day of the Dead, has arrived.


UPDATED 2012: Watch your step through The Chamber of Snakes. (Snakes, why'd it have to be snakes?!?)

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Knott's Scary Farm Halloween Haunt 2012



Step right up! Don’t be shy! Welcome to the Big Top of the Bizarre! Uncle Bob is here to demonstrate his devious delights! Inside you’ll find a villainous variety of vaudevillian visages to vex even the most valiant voyeurs! Welcome to the greatest slaughter on earth!


UPDATED FOR 2012: 1/3 more red clown noses.

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I just took a look at the Knotts web page and it says Xcelerator is closed May 21 - June 22 and Ghostrider is closed June 18 - July 4.


I'm in town 6/23 - 6/28 and planned on hitting up KBF one day. Does anybody know why those rides are closed and if Xcelerator is still due to re-open 6/22?


I suppose I don't care too much about Ghostrider being closed since it does beat you up pretty good, but I was still wanting to ride it once for the heck of it, oh well.

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I just took a look at the Knotts web page and it says Xcelerator is closed May 21 - June 22 and Ghostrider is closed June 18 - July 4.


So they are scheduling two of the three major coasters to be down at the same time (for five days)? What the heck?

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Here's the official list so far for Knott's Haunt:




-Endgames (New location)

-Delirium (With new "Pillar of Souls" room)

-Virus Z

-Fallout Shelter

-Uncle Bobo's

-Dia de los Muertos

-Terror of London


New mazes:

-Dominion of the Dead (Replacing Lockdown)

-TBA (Replacing Doll Factory; rumored to be an interactive maze)


I'm going to guess that CornStalkers will be the next one on the chopping block. Knott's is supposed to be having twelve mazes this year, so maybe there will be an extra one other than that of what might or might not replace CornStalkers. We'll have to see.

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Knott's announced a new maze today!!!!


Here is the description from Facebook

From the demented imagination of Haunt Maze Designer Daniel Miller comes an all new journey into terror...this Halloween Haunt in the Wilderness Dance Hall.... Pinocchio Unstrung


Sounds exciting, there is a teaser video for the maze on Facebook too. This actually looks like a great maze, can't wait for more details.

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^I think it depends on the version of Pinocchio. The original is from an Italian children's book by Carlo Colloidi, which was published in 1883. There have been quite a few adaptations over the years.

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