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The Knott's Berry Farm (KBF) Discussion Thread

P. 651: Montezooma's Revenge project terminated?

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Most of the times I went on Xcelerator they were running 1 train. The only time I have seen them run 2 trains is during late spring through usually to the middle of January. Also PP has a horrible waiting time during the summer with 1 boat in operation. Does anybody know why PP stopped running 2 boats at a time?

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^ I went to Knott's in March (WCB), May (Bert the Conqueror), June (Coasting for Kids), Sept (Haunt), Oct (Haunt) and Dec last year.


Xcelerator was running 1 train EVERY time I was at the park.


LOL, really? Every time I went last year there were two trains! 3 nights at haunt and two random weekends.

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^^^I think Knott's deserves the reward for "worst rehab pocedures", even edging out SFMM and SFDK. Remember Apoc's six month rehab? SFMM was able to completely rip out the audio box and redesign the two trains to Apocalypse in six months. Then, why does it take 7-9 months to rehab two trains on Xcelerator and Perilous Plunge? Also, Sidewinder was in 1 train mode starting close to Winter Break week, one of the most crowded weeks of the year.


Then again, I have never seen Silver Bullet run one train in recent years. That is a bit strange; I thought the park only had two trains.


^I wish some Buena Park residents would move to Santa Clara.


Few things you need to keep in mind:


1- Knott's is a year round park so yes there will be times when you go and the coasters are running 1 train. Happens to EVERY park. Magic Mountain had 1 train op on Batman for an entire summer!!!! I want to say Summer of '08 but don't quote me on that. Let's not count the numerous times Riddler's has had 1 train (like right now)


2- Rehabbing a train/vehicle means replacing worn parts and if said parts that need to be replaced are on backorder from their manufacturer (which happens more often than you'd think) then that will obviously delay the parks ability to expedite the rehabbing of the train/vehicle.


3- Xcel's trains take 8 full weeks to rehab as well as a Silver Bullet train.


4- If it's the off-season (Jan-1st week of April) then that is the time all of the ride vehicles will be taken down for rehab


5- Knott's runs vehicles based on attendance. If the park has low attendance (Mon-Fri Jan-March) it makes no sense to run up the cycle count on vehicles that aren't needed. This puts them into rehab that much faster.


6- Bullet usually only has 1 train for Spring Break cause a train is usually in rehab. This I'll admit is unfortunate but it is what it is.


7- 1 train operation on a coaster is sometimes because a train reaches its maximum amount of cycles and has to be put into rehab and sometimes comes at a busy period for the park. Better than it not being open at all


8- If you're attending the Knott's day of WCB you'll be able to see the behind the scenes of Silver Bullet and you'll be able to ask the mechanics about all they do during a rehab and you'll realize it's easier said than done.

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  • 2 weeks later...

I was at KBF yesterday - Wednesday. As he stated at WCB - Raffy (I'm not a fan) is making his mark on the park. The morning close in parking (just past Fridays) was closed yesterday to install planters. He seems focused on the superficial and missing the real park needs. They're putting in planters, so you cannot get to that lot. All parking traffic must pass to the lot on the east side of Beach. IMO with him at the helm (park president) I don't hold out a lot of hope for this park.

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He has good ideas and he has some rather odd ones. The planters are, I think, very nice and will add a lot to the areas. But the music...I get why he did it, I understand his goal for doing it, but I still don't agree with it.


You can have thematically appropriate music in areas and still achieve the goal he is going for, I just don't understand why he doesn't do that.

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I think the music has to go with the theme as it would add to the atmosphere.


Ghost Town - Western music

The Boardwalk - Beach/50s music

Fiesta Village - Mexican music

Camp Snoopy - Well, I'm stumped on this section of the park.


I think having rock in the Ghost Town & hip hop in Fiesta Village is just wrong.

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Camp Snoopy - Well, I'm stumped on this section of the park.

I think they actually had kid's music playing in Camp Snoopy, which fits. At least I heard a lot of it while waiting in line for Sierra Sidewinder after the group photo - I'm not sure if it was throughout the whole area.

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But the music...I get why he did it, I understand his goal for doing it, but I still don't agree with it.


You can have thematically appropriate music in areas and still achieve the goal he is going for, I just don't understand why he doesn't do that.



So I wasn't crazy the other night when I heard a huge assortment of music, all over the park? I heard King Harvest's "Dancing in the Moonlight" by Pony Express.


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Now that you guys mention it, I do remember all the different music going on, I kinda liked it, but I'm strange. I noticed the planters going in Monday and was all WTF? Also lets not forget about the planters on the backside of the log ride that are going in. Didn't they take out train stuff to do that?

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^ Ok, I did see those - and kind of wondered why they were there.


There's also the new planters on your way to the hotel.


Perhaps Dorney needs to take the message - planters/trees/soil > concrete






Regardless though, things were looking very nice at Knott's. And I also know they are renovating rooms - is the new manager behind that as well?

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Here's my thing on the music/park in general:


With the exception of the music, all of the changes made in the park over the past few months have been great. GREAT!!!


Charleston Circle looks fantastic. The attitude of the employees was great. The park was very clean.


All this has really brought back some of the "yeah, I remember why I used to love this place" type of feelings.


Which is why it's been so hard to understand what's the deal with the music. Everything that Raffi has done has been for the good of the park and the theme of the park, except that.


All that said, I'm not going to condemn the guy for it. It is what it is. Do I wish we'd have some theme appropriate music in Ghost Town especially, yes ... but I'm willing to overlook it since the rest of the park is looking so great right now.

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^ Agreed Greg. Compared to many other CF parks, granted Knotts was originally a road side attraction of sorts, Knotts has a welcoming feel to it with a great vibe and energy, especially at night. I don't get that same vibe at CP, KI, or KD. What I get there is the vibe of the cash register. Perhaps those interested in building new parks should study Knotts a bit and take some pointers. If the do, they too will be successful.

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I was planning on going to California soon after Transformers and Cars Land opens, but after my trip to Knotts and Haunt, we're delaying the trip a couple of months just for Knotts (and Haunt).

When I went the staff were incredibly enthusiastic and friendly, it was a complete contrast to down the road at Disney where the cast members were incredibly glum. Apart from Ghost Rider being incredibly rough, they had a great line up and a real mixture of coasters so they all felt different.

Looking forward to the return trip!

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New for 2012 at Knott's Halloween Haunt - 40th Anniversary...




Some of you may have been at the West Coast Bash haunt presentation when Brooke Walters announced a new version of Dominion of the Dead for Halloween Haunt 2012. If you haven't seen the video yet of the presentation, check it out here....



As for the presentation we were given, below are the slides, and they pretty much speak for themselves. Dominion of the Dead is one of the most popular mazes of Knott's past (it used to be in the old Whirlpool building in 1995) and for the 40th Anniversary of Haunt, the designers have brought back to life a new version of this popular maze! The new version of the maze is going where Lockdown used to be. Check it out....


(click on the images below for larger versions)


Brook Walters unveils plans for a new Dominion of the Dead at Knott's Scary Farm's 40th Anniversary in 2012.


Here's a close up of some of that concept art.


And the slide show begins....





Does anyone remember what ride used to be in that building during the non-haunt period?








Love this slide!!!!



This maze will go where Lockdown used to be.










Looking forward to the 40th Anniversary! Thank you Knott's for the announcement at West Coast Bash 2012!


Thanks to Emily Rivas for the video and Dan Angona for the photos.

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