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The Knott's Berry Farm (KBF) Discussion Thread

P. 639: Montezooma's Revenge major renovations announced!

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Just so everyone knows, park hours are 10-9 all week. Lines aren't that bad, however, the new "Fast Lane" system is taking a noticeable hit to the standby efficiency. If you think the 50 dollars is worth it, do it...but standby still isn't horrible.

"We’ve extended park hours so that you can enjoy more coasters, funnel cakes and photos with Snoopy during your trip to Knott’s this week! We are open from 10:00 AM – 10:00 PM today through Friday!"-Just posted on Knott's Facebook page woohoo! Also I am planning on going tomorrow but all of my friends can't go. Anyone else planning on going tomorrow and want to possibly meet up?

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I was in the park yesterday. If you want to ride everything now, Fast Lane is a must.The Silver Bullet night crew was doing amazing, with little stacking. Ghostrider was alternating between stacking and not stacking, but I should note both of these rides had four ride ops checking restraints. Xcelerator, however, was only running one train with two ride ops, despite a 2 hour wait. Fast Lane had a 10 minute wait for most rides, and a 30-45 minute wait for Xcelerator. Knott's really needs a better system for Xcelerator and Boomerang loading, as, on these rides, Fast Lane works as an exit pass instead of a merge with the normal line pass. This makes it so guests in line can have their seats filled as they are about to board, and also slows down the Fast Lane line as well. Sidewinder's line extended out the switchbacks and past the station, with one train running. Perilous Plunge was running 1 boat, and sending it around every 10 minutes.


So, esentially, the only ride with good operations was Silver Bullet. Ghostrider also had descent operations, but ops were pretty poor around the rest of the park. Heck, even food took over an hour to order and receieve.


I believe summer '07 or '08 was the last time I ever saw Xcelerator run two trains.

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Riptide had pretty slow loading times, so the wait was about half an hour. Also, some idiot dropped his phone into the water.


Happens all the time and that was the #1 perk that I loved while working Riptide.


"No it'll be fine in my pocket." On the first flip it goes straight in the water.

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Last night was New Year's Eve at Knott's Merry Farm, and Spears and David were there! Here are some pics from the event:


Knott's was all decked out for the holidays!


Xcelerator was sporting its Christmas red and green paint. Well, ok, it's more like salmon and turquoise, but who's checking?


We headed straight for "It's Christmas, Snoopy!"


Snoopy was sporting his finest holiday threads.


The show has a train in it. Anything with a train is good.


"Dear Santa, for Christmas I want a copy of 'The Sixth Key' by Jeff Tucker. It's available at Amazon."


Snoopy was having an awesome time.


So was Mr. Snowman.


There are some exciting and dangerous tricks in the show.


That the skaters pull off flawlessly.


Snoopy got a girl!


But she is NOT going to kiss Snoopy!


Or is she?


Go Snoopy! You lucky dog you!


The costuming for the show is great.


And the skaters are all very talented.


There's also fog...




and birds!


Like most Knott's entertainment, this show is much, much better than your average amusement park show. If you've never seen a Knott's ice show, see one! They rock.


In another bit of good news, the observation tower re-opened!


But unfortunately it was so foggy that there wasn't much to observe.


That blue blob is all you could see of the Knott's logo on Supreme Scream. The fog got very thick this night.


Xcelerator in the fog. Despite the foggy night, kudos to Knott's for re-opening the tower and keeping a piece of Knott's history standing and operating.


Tiny people in the fog. Ok, enough fog photos...


We saw people walking around with tiaras, hats, and noise makers, and thought they must be selling them for a couple bucks. But it turned out they were giving them out for free! Woo hoo!


Spears says "Thanks Knott's for the free festive stuff!"


The log ride had its holiday overlay set up which is always fun.


Over in Calico Square there was a concert all night by The Clueless Remix featuring DJ Reeso.


Calico Square was filled with people from 8 til midnight.


Spears did some dancing.


We wandered around the park a bit to check out some of the holiday merch...


Caught a show or two...


Hung out with Snoops!


Did some dancing...


Hung out with Snoops some more...


Rode some rides...


That bunny is totally feeling the New Year's Eve spirit!


Ate some candy...


Drove some boats... (The Aquafina boat is the best boat!)


Took some pictures...


Took some more pictures...


Ok, I took a lot of pictures...






And more pictures...


Spears says "Stop taking pictures or we're going to miss the countdown."


So we headed back to Calico Square...


Where things were getting lively...


and crowded...


and festive.


It's 2011, but not for long!


Operation "Silly String Your Friend's Hat Without Them Noticing"...




As midnight grew closer, the energy started growing.


Almost 2012!


Snoops came out to ring in the new year with everyone.


Kids were using their newfangled technology devices to record the festivities.


55 seconds left! If there's anything you needed to do before 2011 is over, QUICK, do it now!


22 seconds left!


1 second left!


HAPPY NEW YEAR! (And the crowd goes wild!)


"Spray silly string on your friends and strangers" wild


"Spill your coffee, break your noise maker, and throw it in your spilled coffee" wild


"Get up on stage and go crazy" wild. WAIT A MINUTE! Is that Spears getting on stage???


It IS Spears on stage!


Spears started singing, and the whole crowd quickly realized why Piers told Spears to "never sing again!"


Happy 2012! Have a great year everyone!


And hats off to Knott's for a fabulous event! Entertaining shows, great rides, wonderful performances, and FREE NYE SWAG! Spears and I are definitely happy we rang in the new year at Knott's!

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Riptide had pretty slow loading times, so the wait was about half an hour. Also, some idiot dropped his phone into the water.


Happens all the time and that was the #1 perk that I loved while working Riptide.


"No it'll be fine in my pocket." On the first flip it goes straight in the water.




Ahhh, the good ol' days.

Your reaction I'll never forget that one time...


"Sir! Sir! My iPhone fell in the water!!! DX"


".... Of course it did. "

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Went to the park today with some friends, and the crowds were almost nothing for the most part. Boomerang got stuck on its 1rst lift twice throughout the day. Xcelerator broke down once, and perilous plunge had constant issues, one even included the ride to shut down its water on the drop for about a half hour. The crowd shouldnt be large this week, as most schools (Except mine ) are in session.The park opened at 10:00 and closed at 7:00.

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Hey guys the Travel channel is looking for riders for Xcelerator at Knott's Berry Farm for a show on the Travel Channel. Follow the link for the email to send your request.




And yes they changed the location from Magic Mountain to Knott's Berry Farm

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Hey guys the Travel channel is looking for riders for Xcelerator at Knott's Berry Farm for a show on the Travel Channel. Follow the link for the email to send your request.




And yes they changed the location from Magic Mountain to Knott's Berry Farm


Are the age requirements the same?

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Knott's Berry Farm has sent us a press release regarding their upcoming even celebrating the sixtieth anniversary of the Calico Railroad and Ghost Town.


Knott’s Berry Farm will celebrate the 60th Anniversary of the Ghost Town and Calico Railroad with four days of events starting January 12-15. Scheduled activities include tours of the Knott’s Calico and Ghost Town roundhouse and private car the “Edna,” a model train display, atmosphere talent, and a historic photo display.


Kicking off the four day event will be a re-creation of the opening Golden Spike Ceremony and will include the rededication and renaming of engine 41, which will now take the name of Knott’s founder, Walter Knott. Special guests for the Golden Spike Ceremony, which will take place at 11:00 am on January 12, include Walter Knott’s daughter, Marion Knott and Orange County newscaster and former Knott’s stagecoach cowboy, Ed Arnold.


Knott’s Boardwalk Ballroom will be the site of the Del Oro Pacific Modular Railroad one of the largest and oldest “G” scale modular layouts in the United States. The layout includes elaborate displays including a forest scene, Hollywood soundstage, industrial area and a model airplane park. The Boardwalk Ballroom will also feature a historic photo display with images from the opening day of the train in 1952.


For a small fee guests can sign up for a tour of the Ghost Town and Calico Railroad Roundhouse and the private car the “Edna.” Built in 1881 for the personal use of the President of the Rio Grande Southern Railway, the Edna private car features a sitting/dining room, bedroom and galley. The Knott’s Ghost Town and Calico Railroad Roundhouse tour takes you backstage to see where Knott’s repairs and stores their locomotives and passenger cars.


Knott’s will also be offering a one-of-a-kind experience, Dinner on the Durango. For $50 guests will board the “Durango” and will be served a three course meal as they ride the rail back to the glory days of the railroad. Built in 1880, the Durango is a 14 seat parlor car featuring swivel chairs, electric lights and a fully functional buffet.


Model train exhibit, photo display and daytime train rides are included with park admission. Tours of the Roundhouse and the Edna are available for $5 per person. Reservations for Dinner on the Durango are available of Friday, January 13 and Saturday, January 14 and can be made by calling (714) 220-5298. To find out everything that is happening at Knott’s Berry Farm visit http://www.knotts.com


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^As much as people think it will be Cedar Fair-ized, There's way too much history for that to happen anytime soon. Just walking through Ghst town gives a different feel than any other Cedar Fair park. It's always going to be different from all the other parks. I think once the big whigs embrace that, the park will flourish to a point where even te enthusiast will be speechless.

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Considering the park size for KBF, I think it's worth being a Cedar Fair park.. I mean with their 118ft. tall woodie, their Intamin 205ft. launch coaster and Camp Snoopy, does it NOT have what almost any other CF park has? It's also a great park to visit during summer nights, just like Cedar Point.. in my pinion of course

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