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The Knott's Berry Farm (KBF) Discussion Thread

P. 639: Montezooma's Revenge major renovations announced!

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Okay I have a slightly stupid question. What about theming? I mean when I see the drawn promo for the ride with Snoopy on it I see mountaind and trees. But now you guys say it's open tomorrow and they couldn't possibly have any scenary up by then so is this ride just going to be over plain ground?

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Okay I have a slightly stupid question. What about theming? I mean when I see the drawn promo for the ride with Snoopy on it I see mountaind and trees. But now you guys say it's open tomorrow and they couldn't possibly have any scenary up by then so is this ride just going to be over plain ground?


There probably wont be any theming. But give the area a few years and it should look very nice. Also artist rendering are most of the time inaccurate, Xcelerator was supposed to have a glass wall and air condition station. And Perilous Plunge was supposed to have a observation deck that straddled the drop. So don't be surprised if some of the things don't show up that were in the concept art.

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I really need to get on a spinner. This one looks like one of the best!


Go look at any Maurer Sonne spinner and you will change your mind. This one should be great, but those are just amazing.

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Hello again.


We actually started training last night. It's pretty cool. We kept sending it empty though, the only people who got to ride it were the manufacturers and state inspectors.


I've got some more details though, which you may or may not know:

max height 65ft. max speed 37mph. max degree bank: 80 degrees. ride time:1 min 55 seconds.

minimum height req: 42'' under 48'' must be accompanied by responsible person.


They did let us take pictures of inside the station and dock last night, but made it clear we weren't to post these on the internet until after opening.


The theming is actually slightly better than I expected, they have rusted old mining parts, a broken water wheel, and lots of trees.


The line itself is going to be pretty sweet, the ride literally goes over the line 3 times, one of those times it's only about 12 ft off of the ground (possible safety issue?)


I saw it test shot several times, and actually was the second R.O. to send any test shots. It goes pretty fast now, but the manufacturer said when there are people riding, it will go even faster. He also said it would take time to warm up for a few cycles to get faster.


I'm on call today for whenever they are ready for us to continue training.


They still weren't completely finished last night, but most of the stuff they need to do is all looks and finishing touches like the gates on the dock.


I'll see you there Saturday (hopefully) look for Ian.

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I was on the first train of the day and let me tell you this ride is a lot of FUN!! It is very fast for a ride that is located in Camp Snoopy. And the spinning is great! The only down side to the ride is that there is no airtime and the restraints are not tall people friendly. The ride dose have a on ride video of your ride, but is not being offered because the video booth is still under construction. Knotts really did a great job with the area around Sidewinder and should look really great in years to come


Here are some Photos From the Opening this morning.


Video (Taken with a digital camera so not the greatest quality, also it is a AVI so I did not post it on TPR







Watch Car 4



If you want to see how the train unloads look at this video.

































I added this photo because it shows the seat belts








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^ So, was it you that I talked to this morning? Nice meeting up with you. Anywho, I'm gonna have to agree with Top Thrill. This ride is VERY fun! The spinning just adds a whole new level of excitement to the coaster. The helix has some decent lateral forces in it and combined with the spinning makes it pretty intense. However, wasn't there two trains made? They weren't running the second one today, therefore causing long lines. But, the ride was great and you should all get down here to ride it!


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^ If you upload it to the TPR video forum, the quality will look better since we don't re-compress the videos.


Also, doesn't it seem odd that this ride has a lower height restriction...by SIX INCHES than Jaguar?


I really hope they take a look at that and re-consider Jaguar's height limit and allow kids at 42" with parents like they used to.




ps. I added the update to the front page.

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They look exactly the same as EuroMir's:




Not sure what's really weird about them.


i wonder why there werent any construction topics for this ride.

What do you mean? This thread with over 300 responses wasn't enough?



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