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The Knott's Berry Farm (KBF) Discussion Thread

P. 651: Montezooma's Revenge project terminated?

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Knott's Berry Farm has sent us a press release regarding their upcoming Navy Week celebration.


Knott’s Berry Farm is proud to welcome the US Navy on July 31st as part of the Los Angeles Navy Week celebration. Festivities for the day include performances by the Navy Band, a Navy simulator interactive educational display and a special presentation by the Navy Parachute Team, “Leap Frogs.”


Los Angeles Navy Week celebration seeks to give the general public an opportunity to meet some of the Navy’s Sailors and learn more about the Navy’s critical missions and its broad-ranging capabilities.


The U.S. Navy Parachute Demonstration Team, the “Leap Frogs,” is a fourteen-man team comprised entirely of U.S. Navy SEAL and SWCC personnel. The “Leap Frog” performance displays the team’s skills as they leap out of an aircraft at an altitude of 12,500 feet. During free fall, jumpers reach speeds of 120 mph and can accelerate up to 180 mph by pulling their arms to their sides and straightening their legs into what is called a “track.” The jumpers open their parachutes around 5,000 feet by releasing a smaller pilot chute. After deploying their chutes, the Leap Frogs fly their canopies together to build dramatic formations. After their performance, the Leap Frogs will make themselves available to guests to answer questions about the Navy and Naval Seal Warfare community, as well as to sign autographs.


The Navy Simulator is a 12 –passenger mobile unit featuring live-action Navy films programmed to move in sync with point-of-view imagery presented on a large screen. The Navy Simulator will give guests a firsthand, interactive experience that will provide a glimpse into the life of a Navy sailor.


Knott’s Berry Farm is owned and operated by Cedar Fair Entertainment Company, a publicly traded partnership that is listed for trading on The New York Stock Exchange under the symbol “FUN.” In addition to Knott’s Berry Farm, Cedar Fair owns and operates ten other amusement parks, six water parks, one indoor water park resort, and five hotels. Cedar Fair also operates the Gilroy Gardens Family Theme Park in Gilroy, Calif. under a management contract.


For more information, and to see everything Knott’s has to offer this summer season, visit knotts.com.

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Knott's Berry Farm has sent us a press release about this year's Doll Event at the park.


Kathy and Janet Lennon will be signing their award-winning product line, Best Pals, at Knott’s Berry Farm’s 2011 Doll Event on Saturday, July 30TH. Linda Rick, President/ Artist for The Doll Maker as well as a Precious Moments Artist will also be present at the event.


The celebrity sisters, who still perform in Branson and select venues throughout the year, developed their doll line based on their lifelong friendship and their love for a pair of ragdolls handmade for them by their mother and their Nana in 1949.


As a little girl Linda Rick always believed in fairytales where her dolls would come to life and play. Linda Rick started her business back in 1990, then in 2001 she became the doll designer for Precious moments and the rest is fairytale history!


Knott’s Doll Event will take place at Virginia’s Gift Shop located in Knott’s Marketplace from 11 am – 2 pm. The event includes hourly raffles, doll signing, Knott’s exclusive Limited Edition Precious Moments “Fluttering Around Knott’s Berry Farm” and the introduction of their limited edition Kathy and Janet Best Pals Gift Sets with the dolls dressed in exclusive Jim Shore dresses and aprons. Other doll lines featured at the event include Arista, Charisma, Key to My Heart, Marie Osmond Dolls, The Ashton-Drake Galleries and Lee Middleton Moments.


Knott’s Marketplace is open to the public and does not require park admission. Three hours of free parking is also available.


To find out all the summer activities at Knott’s Berry Farm and to download a money-saving flyer for the Doll Event, visit http://www.knotts.com.

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i heard through the grapevine from a friend of mine last week that it could be open as early as tomorrow. I highly doubt that tho. Last time I was at the park last week they didn't even have test dummies in it and the little maintenance cart was still on the tower, which i believe needs to be removed or at least raised to the top to even cycle the ride.

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from what I saw today they opened up the midway around windseeker, dont think they have started testing yet if they are its at night.

Were there want test dummies in the seats or around the platform for Windseeker? Im pretty sure they need those to test. Also another note on what I observed at the park last week, is this Windseeker not getting the hydraulic dampers on the arms of the swings like the other ones were modified to have?

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I'll be in L.A. on September 23. According to the website the park is open 10.00-5.30 and 7PM-2AM. I assume the night opening is for Halloween? However, we'd have some time off in the evening and I would be interested in doing a quick coaster run. A few questions:


1) during the evening-opening: will all/most coasters be open?

2) Is the park one big 'haunted house', or will it just be a normal park, with a few areas with Halloween-stuff?

3) Does it get crowded on these Halloween-evenings? Keep in mind that this is the opening evening.

4) What can I expect from the ticket prices? More expensive than normally, or less?



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^Is there any way to switch the Knott's day to the 24th? If so, that's the TPR Knott's Haunt Event!!!!


Last year the event was incredible and included ERT on some rides, awesome food, front of the line passes, and more! It was worth every cent, and is by far, the best way to visit Knott's for Haunt. What is included in this years event hasn't been announced yet, but even if it only offers 1/2 of what we got last year, it would still be more than worth it!

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Haunt is basically one large haunted house. If you go there fora credit run at night, you'll be disappointed to find the insanely long lines at the major attractions, as well as the large crowds. If anything, if you want to avoid Haunt, go during the day; the park will be practically empty and easily conquerable in a couple of hours.



On another note, Windseeker is looking quite good. I'm glad they're giving it good enough theming treatment for it to fit into Fiesta Village rather than keep the generic "sleek" theme of the others.

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Thanks, both of you!


Doing a credit run in the evening won't be an option. With some rescheduling I might be able to visit during the day, if it won't be busy.


However, I've thought about trying to make it to the event on Sept 24, and I really want to do this, but it will take a lot of time and driving for us. Although I'll do as much as possible to visit this event.

Can you (or anyone) tell me if this event is normally during the day, or only from 7PM? If it's during the day, it'd become a very good option, if it only starts after 7 PM, it's impossible sadly enough.

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The 23rd wouldn't be crowded in the morning, because school is back in action. For the most part it should be quite dead, actually. Personally, I think visiting Knott's in the mornings in September/October are the best days to go for a day to marathon coasters.


Last year, the event was a day and night event, I believe. (correct me if I'm wrong for those that went.)

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^Yeah, that's a little disappointing. The commercial is JUST for Windseeker and doesn't say anything about "opening soon" or "Opening later this Summer". Just implies that you should come to the park and ride it.

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