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The Knott's Berry Farm (KBF) Discussion Thread

P. 639: Montezooma's Revenge major renovations announced!

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Yeah, whenever anyone used to say there's no ejector air in Southern California, I'd bring up sitting in the very backseat of Ghostrider. That drop right after the turnaround above Ghostriders station is ridiculous.


It is one of the ONLY drops I've been on where its hard for me to keep my hands up because of how forcefully the you'd lift up against the restraint.


Accel in the back seat has ejector airtime. Also, I think "the drop" is over rated. It was the best part on the ride by far, but I dont find it as insane as everyone seems to think, it was ejector air, but as stated above I find the air in the very back seat of accelerator to be much more intense. Does the ride have any air now? Or is it trimmed to death?

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I only go about maybe three times a month, but can definately start bringing a camera.

That would be awesome! Just posting like 10 -15 photos from each of your visits documenting any changes or interesting things you see like:


- Windseeker Construction (the current obvious)

- Rides down for maintenance

- Any new signage

- Changes to current operations

- New shops

- New food

- New games

- Etc....


Using my SFMM updates as an example: http://themeparkreview.com/forum/viewtopic.php?p=997896#p997896

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^Indeed. However, something must have come up in order for it to be down for so long. It just got out of a short rehab not too long ago...


Anyway, aside from that, Bullet's supports are still hanging around over near Claim Jumper. Within the next two weeks those should be up and then the real foundation work can begin for Windseeker itself.

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I was wondering when they would add those new supports to Silver Bullet, and the website says it'll be closed Feb. 22 - Mar. 2. Doesn't seem like that would be enough time, but maybe it is. Is the one train on Silver Bullet still dissembled?


That is when the support is being modified. And its plenty of time to switch it out. If they start in the morning, they could probably be don't by that evening.

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Silver Bullet's Lake is being drained, and it also looks like the one support that was needed for change was put up.


Here are some pictures:


The new support looks nice, but you can see the difference better in person.


Yup, they're looking for something alright...




New pavement. I wonder what could be placed here?


The site of the Windseeker is still a pile of dirt, so nothing to report on there.

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So it only took them a day to replace the support.......thats good news. However, that new leg looks a bit awkward now to say the least. Now they can start to focus on the actual foundation work then BAM! The tower itself should be up in about 2 months from now if I was to estimate.

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