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Best Additions for 2014

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So many great coasters coming up - this list is largely based on what I might have the chance to ride next year:

1. Helix

2. Part 2 of Harry Potter World

3. Falcon's Fury

4. Seven Dwarfs Mine Train coaster (might not be the most thrilling ride but it looks really cool).

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Here is my list (in order and why) for 2014. While some parks still need to make announcements here and there, a lot of the major ones have already been announced, especially with season passes now being on sale for many of the chains.


1-Goliath (Six Flags Great America)- While I am a huge Cedar Fair lover at heart, I believe this takes the cake over Banshee for next year. Don't get me wrong, I am very excited to ride Banshee, but these two coasters will just be so amazing that I had a hard time picking which one I think I might like better. Goliath just seems so amazing! A wooden coaster with some AMAZING inversions, hang-time, a below-ground drop, a steep drop, great speeds and just compact craziness. I am definitely looking forward to it.


2-Banshee (Kings Island)- This coaster just looks amazing. I love Inverts and I think this one will be among the royal family of inverted coasters. I love the elements and if the theming sticks, it'll be a great ride (well, it'll be one either way). I particularly like that it dips into the ravine. I can't wait to ride this one either.


3-Wonder Mountain's Guardian (Canada's Wonderland)- A good dark ride going into a Cedar Fair park. Of course I'll like this. It sounds like it really is a great innovative ride and with all the "secrets" that haven't been let out, I can't wait to see all of them for myself.


4-Harry Potter: Diagon Alley (Islands of Adventure)- I loved the Wizarding World, so this will just be great too. Not sure if I'll make it there next year, but I hope to. I'm particularly excited to get some information on the new attractions. The Gringott's coaster will be great.


5-Falcon's Fury (Busch Gardens Tampa)- A new generation of drop towers. While I sometimes have some fears of facing drop towers, sometimes you just can't say no. This thing just looks intimidating and amazing.


6-FireChaser Express (Dollywood)- While it may be a family coaster, just the way it is explained sounds great. Sounds like it could be fairly thrilling and the special effects sound great. If all adds up, it'll be a great ride.


7-Gemini Midway Revamp (Cedar Point)- This ranked a bit higher than the rest on my list BECAUSE I feel this is something the park needed. Two great family rides (hopefully with adequate height requirements for families), an outdated midway redone, a new restaurant, some theming and even more on the way it sounds. Oh, did I mention the removal of the blacktop? I also like that Hotel Breakers will be renovated. Also needed IMO.


8-Seven Dwarfs Mine Train (WDW Magic Kingdom)- It just looks cool. A mine train with swinging coaster cars? I'd definitely give it a go and Disney just has great rides.


9-Zumanjaro: Drop of Doom (Six Flags Great Adventure)- It isn't too high on my list, but definitely looks like a scary and amazing ride. I'll give it a shot if I make it over there this year. It's pretty high but will leave a lasting impression I'm sure.


10-Medusa: Steel Coaster (Six Flags Mexico)- While I probably won't make it down to ride it this year, it looks like it'll be a Kick Rear ride. I like the way the drop looks for sure and while I'm not the biggest fan of the name, I can see why they went that naming route.

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1: helix - without a doubt the best lookinbf coaster by far, mack has really been stepping up their game the past couple of years. I really enjoyed Manta at SWSD even as simply a family coaster, and Im excited to read the reports as soon as it opens. I dream of making it to liseberg one day.


2: Medusa make over - While Ill be headed to chicago next summer, Im not all too excited about the RMC going in over at SFGA. The one I really am excited to see is Medusa though. Lots of airtime, some interesting inversions, imo it looks to represent a fuller and more satisfying experience. If not going big means I need to go home, then I guess Ill head home south of the border to Mexico City to ride this bad boy.


3: Harry Potter expansion: while I have no plans to visit Florida anytime soon, whats good for Florida is good for the resort property in california. Praying much success so they incorporate elements into USH's harry potter land (god willing that "Your Highness" signs off.


4: Unconfirmed: if knotts does any significant update of their Mine Train ride or any major reprofiling of ghost rider (topper track please) you can bump this to #1 as it would have the most immediate relevancy in any sort of coaster experiences I shall have next year.

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In no particular order...


Goliath (SFGAm) - RMC continues to prove their flexibilty with a very compact coaster with some very consistent and surprising thrills. The Zero-G stall looks more insane than any element coming out of the 2014 announcements. I'll be there opening day


Zumanjaro: Drop of Doom (SFGAdv) - This is mostly on here because next year I am planning on taking my first trip to the northeast and hitting SFGAdv along with Hersheypark, so I look to actually be riding this. It's a nice placement overlooking the entire park and the shudder of Kingda Ka racing up it will add to the terror of being that high up, waiting to drop.


Medusa Steel Coaster (SF Mexico) - THAT DROP. Another Iron Horse revival that looks anything but disappointing.


Falcon's Fury (BGT) - I have been dreaming of a drop tower like this for years. This will without doubt be the scariest new ride of next year.


Banshee (KI) - B&M has been getting more creative with their invert layouts as of late, and Banshee looks like the next progression after OzIris, retooling lots of inversions like a completely different kind of Batwing. It looks like a crowd-eater and a crowd-pleaser. One can just hope its a more forceful B&M than the ones of late.


Helix (Liesberg) - Even though it's a veritable ocean away, the layout looks like one of the best ever. I envy everything that gets to ride it next year.

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1. Best addition I've seen so far is the Simpsons section at Universal. Just looks like an all-around fun place to be.

2. Goliath and Medusa at Six Flags. These coasters will be doing things that a couple of weeks ago we would have said were impossible.

3. Seven Dwarves Mine Train at Disney. The swinging cars really breathe new life into an old coaster type.

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