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Best Additions for 2014

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Now that Six Flags has made their announcements, Cedar Fair has made some of theirs, and other parks around the world have as well, what do you think will be the best additions for next year? This is all based on your opinions right now and they may change after you experience the rides once they open next year.


In my opinion, the best additions are:

1. Goliath at SFGAm

2. Banshee at Kings Island

3. "To Be Named" Wing Rider at Heide Park

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Here's my top 5:


1. Banshee

2. Falcon's Fury

3. Seven Dwarfs Mine Train

4. Goliath/Iron Medusa (haven't decided which one I like better yet)

5. Zumanjaro: Drop of Doom



I hope that Darien Lake announces the rumored Lake Monster soon, because I'm sure that it will be high in my top 5 if the rumors are true.

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1. Helix

2. Zumamjaro: Drop of Doom

3. Banshee

4. Goliath

5. Medusa Steel Coaster


I based my list off of attractions that are the best for the park. Great Adventure really needed a drop tower, which is why I put it up higher than Goliath and Medusa.

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So far:


1. Helix, Liseberg

2. Nefeskesen, Vialand (Custom Intamin LSM coaster that's technically supposed to open this year, but my bet is on 2014!)

3. Goliath, SFGAm

4. Medusa, SF Mexico

5. Wing Coaster, Heide Park

6. Banshee, King's Island

7. Gringott's Coaster, Universal Orlando

8. Falcon's Fury, BGT

9. Zumanjaro, SFGAdv

10. FireChaser Expess, Dollywood / Seven Dwarfs Mine, Magic Kingdom


There's international clones and stuff, like some Intamin 12-inversions, and some X-car stuff which I'm sure will be cool. And the Premier @ Holiday Park! Cloned rides are a lot to keep track of though.

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1. Helix, Liseberg

2. Medusa, SF Mexico

3. Goliath, SFGAm

4. Banshee, King's Island

5. FireChaser Express, Dollywood / Seven Dwarfs Mine, Magic Kingdom

6. Wing Coaster, Heide Park

7. Gringott's Coaster, Universal Orlando

8. Falcon's Fury, BGT

9. Nefeskesen, Vialand

10. Zumanjaro, SFGAdv

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I don't know what if anything else will be announced this year, but these are my most anticipated, in order:


1. Banshee. Very original layout, a great addition to the park it is going to, and well thought out. It is also the only new addition that I will have a chance to ride next year.


2. The Heide Park Wing Coaster. I am really anxious to see how it comes together, as well as to hear how the ride is.


3. Goliath at Great America-this looks like a great coaster; interested to see what the response is on this one!


4. Dollywood's FireChaser Express. Although it is a family coaster, if it is executed as well as the park has done everything else they do, I look forward to seeing the end result. I think it might end up being better than it sounded in the press info released so far, based on an interview I listened to with Pete Owens from the park.


5. Although these are not really for 2014, I am excited for the Dream More resort at Dollywood in 2015, as well as seeing how not only their multi-year expansion plans unfold, but also the future expansion Carowinds is planning, and whatever else SFOG has up their sleeve for the next few years.

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I'm only taking US additions into consideration as I typically pay little attention to announcements at European and Asian parks. That being said, here are my top five new attractions for next year based on how much I think I'd like them and how good they seem for the park:


1. Banshee (Kings Island)-Kings Island is overdue for a major new coaster and this looks like it could be the best at the park.


2. Goliath (Six Flags Great America)-While the coaster itself looks better than Banshee, I think it is a slightly worse addition as it isn't a needed ride at SFGAm.


3. Despicable Me: Minion Mayhem & Super Silly Fun Land (Universal Studios Hollywood)-Despicable Me is an extremely popular attraction in Florida and should do well in California, plus USH needs all the attractions it can get if they want to keep people coming with their high admission price.


4. The Wizarding World of Harry Potter-Diagon Alley (Universal Studios Florida)-While I am a huge fan of Harry Potter, I do think USF is taking a bit of a gamble with the amount of Harry Potter attractions they're adding. I have no doubt the Gringotts Coaster will be a top notch ride and the area will be extremely popular, but I have to wonder if Harry Potter will still have strong appeal ten years from now given that there are no current plans to continue the series.


5. Falcon's Fury (Busch Gardens Tampa)-While Zumanjaro is taller and faster, I think this is the better and more interesting of the new drop rides. If the attraction is as intense as it sounds, this could be the world's scariest thrill ride.

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As for what I think might be the best for the park in question (and not personally), I'd say the Medusa re-do at SF Mexico, since that is a park that seldom gets anything and has rarely been on any coaster fan's list of parks to visit. If only more old, tired, rough woodies would get this sort of revitalization.


I also think that SFMM getting more stuff for kids is also a good idea, since that park has historically lacked much to do for children.


As for my own personal feelings, perhaps the only newly announced ride that I will actually get the chance to check out would be Banshee (and maybe the family coaster at Dollywood). I have a friend who lives near KI, so perhaps in a couple of years I may pay a visit to that park. I go to SF Great Adventure every couple of years or so (will be going this fall) but I'm not into drop towers so that one doesn't do anything for me.

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