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Thrill Rides and Kids


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Start em young! It helps if you have a naturally rambunctious, adventurous kid, of course. I was a very shy, quiet little thing, and the noise and movements of rides literally scared me, and I wouldn't go near them. But I started taking my son to amusement parks when he was very little, so he could get used to the motions, sounds, crowds, etc. I gradually introduced him to bigger and faster rides, and never forced him on anything (NEVER EVER force a kid on a ride) or made him feel guilty or ashamed if he didn't ride something. By the time he was 10 we were riding big wooden coasters together, and "mild" steel ones (Wild Mouse, etc). Then last year, on a school trip (he was 12), he shocked me by coming home and telling me he'd ridden Hydra!! I was so proud! It scared him quite a bit, and it'll probably take some cajoling to get him on another big steel coaster, but I'm sure we'll get there We're heading to Dollywood next month, and we plan to start on Blazing Fury (easy peasy) and then maybe move to Thunderhead, and I'm HOPING he'll try Wild Eagle with me, but we'll see!


I think the key is patience, don't force, don't scold if they're scared, try to find something you can do together (even if it's bumper cars or a carousel) and just have fun. Keep introducing the idea of a small coaster, one of those little "family" coasters or something, and just leave the invitation open.

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