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Hey guys, new to the forum, but here is a rct3 park I've been working on, called OG Park. The park was founded in 2005 when a traveling fair decided to change into a thriving theme park. The park is located in Southern Georgia. Since the opening the park has added many thrilling rides and attractions. I appreciate any comments/ criticism so I can strive to make my park better.


The park has 3 coasters so far-

The Regurgitator ( B&M floorless)

Thunder Woods Mine Train (vekoma mine train)

Jester( Gerstlauer Spinner)


Flat Rides-

Ferris wheel

Ring of Fire

Lakeside Gliders

Rockin Tugboat

Kids Carosel


Kids train ride


I have heard from reliable sources that the park is interested in installing some kind of thrilling attraction next year for 2007


The park's Main Street area with restaurant called Lakeside Bar and Grill


Jester, the parks spinning coaster


Thunder woods Mine Train


Overview of the Jester


Ring of fire and Ferris wheel


Overview of the park so far


The Regurgitator, a B&M floorless

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I really like your coasterlayouts, especially the spinning coaster. As you can see with your mine train, adding a lot of trees instantly improves everything haha


For your screenshots, they look like you have taken pictures with your smartphone or something. You can press F10 to let the game make screenshots (they will be saved in My Pictures/RCT3)

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