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Photo TR: Marcel's first TPR adventure and MORE!


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Nice report(s), thanks for posting and sharing your view from the trip. Especially the behind the scene shots of MF that I have not seen from those angles. Glad you enjoyed Cedar Point as much as you thought you would after coming all that way. Now that you have seen the 'Cedar' part at Cedar Point you can come and visit the 'Fair" part at Valleyfair. Not really, the only thing VF has over CP is a better wooden coaster and less garbage cans.

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Another stressful day, but doing this trip report kinda cools me down, so let's start!


After our RELAXING day in Toronto, we planned to visit Marineland and Niagara Falls the next day! YAY! 2 credits!


Since EVERYBODY LOVES MARINELAND (TV Advertisment), we HAD to go there When we entered the parking lot (it was for free! YAY!) there were quite a few cars, but when we entered the park we wondered where all the people were gone?! We soon noticed where! The LONG walking distances from one attraction to another attraction were the reason why all the people spread out in the park!


The admission for the park was WAY to expensive (almost $50!) and in my opinion it was not really worth visiting it (besides the CREDITS! ). For those of you who don't know, Marineland is a kind of combination of an amusement and water animal park. I had the impression that all the animals didn't like hanging out in the park! They seemed to be really sad. I don't know if it was the atmosphere (2 days before we were leaving the states for home), but the park didn't convince me! Nevertheless we made the best out of it and did some credit whoring before we went to Niagara Falls, a MUCH better place


Niagara Falls were impressive and it's definitely a PHOTO WHORE paradise Everybody is photo whoring, wherever you look That was really funny to look at! So, what else should I say but telling you guys that Niagara Falls is some water falling down the cliffs? It's really nice to look at! But doing holiday at Niagara Falls for more than 1 day would definitely not be my favorite! You come there, look at it, take some photos and you leave that place!


Doug met us at the falls and we took him back with our car to the states! Crossing the border was fun! An American car from PA with a Dutch, German AND American boy in it! Where do you guys know from? Our answer was simple...THEME PARK REVIEW! TPR connects the world, man!


That being said, take the boat to Marineland and get all the way down to the Falls where masses of water are waiting for you!


Nice group photo! Little Werner was just dazzled by the sun!


Everybody loves...MARINELAND!


Long Long way...


YAY! We're inside the park!


Man, those paths look ENDLESS!


Passing some kiddie flat rides, before it's...






Poor animals living in those pools...The ocean is their REAL pool, guys!


More flat rides...and...


...more poor animals!


Dolphins are so cute!


At least those birds are FREE!


Sea bears!


I don't want to be eaten by them! They looked scary!


Just look! Another credit!


We should try it!


Please enter the dragon's home! It was smoother than expected!


Goodbye Marineland! We took our boat to...


...Niagara Falls Pier!


Nice flair!


Looks like Vegas!


Some nice flat rides! The main thing is they can make money! :D


Hey guys, what's up???


LOOK! We're coming closer to the falls!


The main reason why we got here!


LOOK! There's is our boat! Right on my shoulder!


Hello! I'm your Niagara Falls tour guide! Follow me!


Here you can see a panorama photo taken with my iPhone 5!




Hey guys! Those falls are wet!


Fun with Doug who met us at the Falls!


More nice photos!


I recommend NOT jumping in!


Photo whore time!


More photo whore time!


Niagara Falls observation tower! After that ''flop'' of CN Tower we decided NOT to get on this one :D


Crossing the border was FUN! :D :D :D

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All good things must come to an end. so does my trip report! It's our last day of theme parks in the states! Our last stop was Martin's Fantasy Island, a small park with three credits and the famous ''I GOT IT'' game!!! It was my first ''I GOT IT'' game EVER and I LOVED it! It was so much fun! Imagine our TPR gang playing ''I GOT IT'', that would be AMAZING! It's a pity that this game is kinda disappearing I'm happy about having had the chance to try it! It's really cool!


So, all what we did that day was relaxing, walking around, getting three credits and playing ''I GOT IT''

We left the park in the afternoon because we wanted to do some shopping at the Niagara Falls Outlet Mall.

When we got back to our hotel, Doug proposed to go to the cinema. So did we! There was nothing planned for that evening, so why not watching an American Movie!


The next day (Saturday), Werner took his flight home, but I had one more day in the states (due to CHEAP airfare!) Doug was so kind to pick me up and go shopping with me! I mean, when being to the states, I have to do some shopping! Some brands are REALLY cheap here compared to European prices! Thanks for everything, Doug!


The day after (Sunday), it was time to fly home! It was a real emotional moment, because I had such a GREAT time in the States! I have made so many new friends that I would miss! Sure, I missed my home, but I would have loved to stay longer! That was a bad feeling! Why can't there be a 365 days TPR trip? That would be super cool!


Having arrived at home, I headed to my favorite Schnitzel restaurant! It was really cool to get some German food My mind was still with the American food!


I'm really missing the States and my mind thinks about that good time every day! It's time to plan another trip to the states, so that I can do another marcelicious trip report I think!


Be prepared to see some more TR from all my roller coaster adventures!


Thanks for reading my TR! I appreciate it!

Love you guys!


Welcome to Martin's Fantasy Island!


Get your tickets and have some fun!




Please no photos! I'm too famous! :D


Kiddy Coaster!


Random booths!




Second Credit! Comet time!




More wood!




Looks so unique! :D


Let's win!




My souvenir from Martins Fantasy Island!


More attractions!


Walking time!


I see a credit!


Crazy tower!


YAY! Third credit of that day!


See ya!


Werner and his lovely car key!


And again! The MPS! (Marcelicious Personal System) :D


YAY! Discounts!


High fashion brands!


The result of the day? I'm broke!


It's time to fly home :(




Plane TV! :D


YAY! I'm almost home!


It's ''Schnitzel'' time!

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I didn't know they had that nice are by the Falls. I really need to get up to the North East! It's a shame I haven't been up there yet - especially to see Toronto. I really want to see that city. Great end to a lovely photo TR! It has been one of my favorites to follow and shoot- it went on for almost a month!! That's awesome! How many photos did you take? What was your favorite new food? Favorite coaster?



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Thank you very much! I think I haven taken more than 3500 photos My TR consists of a small selection including more the funny pictures! My favorite food was at SDC Since I love Intamin, my favorite coaster was Top Thrill Dragster, I think. I loved the speed! Outlaw Run was EPIC as well!

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Amazing TR! Just enjoying every photo! Thank you so much and I'm so glad that you enjoyed the trip!

Man! The tower is even more crowded than Canton Tower which has two Intamin drop rides on the top of it! Maybe I am not a merchandise whore unless it comes to coasters… Can't wait to buy the whole store in your home park!

Btw, did I see $20 for a Hollister jeans?

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Thanks, Yin! I think you would be disappointed by Holiday Park's souvenir shops! We don't have that much merchandise If someone from Holiday Park is reading this, please get more AND better merchandise!

And you're right, Yin! Hollister Jeans for only 20 bucks! That's crazy! They charge us 76 Euros (~ $100) here!

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^NICE to hear! Yeah, I can do some more trip reports if you guys want to! I probably will go to Oktoberfest, so prepare for some German awesomeness! I visited the BIGGEST wine festival in the world (it's next to my village!). It's called Bad Dürkheimer Wurstmarkt! I will look through my photos and see if it's worth doing a report. As for now, I have only two more trip reports here on TPR.


Disneyland Paris - http://www.themeparkreview.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=2&t=64744


Holiday Park - http://www.themeparkreview.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=2&t=65218&p=1300192#p1300192

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Nice report...thanks for sharing!


My co-worker took her grandkids to Marineland about a month ago and she said the same thing - the animals looked lonely (especially the killer whale). I am honestly quite surprised that the park has made it as long as it has.

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Nice report...thanks for sharing!


My co-worker took her grandkids to Marineland about a month ago and she said the same thing - the animals looked lonely (especially the killer whale). I am honestly quite surprised that the park has made it as long as it has.


I used to visit the park often. It was a pretty good park 5+ years ago when the had the slash sessions with the Orcas. You could get real close and the tank was one of the largest in the world, bigger than any Seaword exhibit. I remember 3 Adults and one baby. Sadly, 2 have passed on and SeaWorld had to aggressively repossess their whale leaving the lone Orca. Obviously the whale is alone and sad. They have been try to find another for some time.

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