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[RCT3] Watermania - RCT3 Waterpark

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Hey guys! So this is my new waterpark, called Watermania. This is only the first update, there will be many more on the way! Hope you guys like it!

Corner sign resize.bmp

This is a sign at the corner of the park.

sign into parking lot resize.bmp

This is the entrance of the parking lot.

Parking lot resize.bmp

This is the parking lot.

Entrance resize.bmp

This is the entrance to the park.

Entrance tower resize.bmp

This is a tower.

Wave pool main resize.bmp

This is the wave pool.

wave pool sign resize.bmp

This is a sign at the wave pool. The sign is dressed with rocks and waterfalls.

wave pool rocks resize.bmp

These are the rocks and waterfalls at the wave pool.

market place 1 resize.bmp

While at Watermania, you can take a stroll through an Asian village.

market place 3 resize.bmp

Another view of the market.

market place 4 resize.bmp

The Asian market has many shops and restaurants.

market place 5 resize.bmp

Some more shops and restaurants.

market place 6 resize.bmp

The market ends, and, up ahead is the Kahawai Racers water slide.

racers 1 resize.bmp

The entrance to Kahawai Racers, which is a mayan, ruined temple themed racing slide.

racers 2 resize.bmp

This is the first part of the queue for Kahawai Racers.

racers 3.bmp

The exit area/the place where you receive a mat to slide on.

racers 4 resize.bmp

This is another part of the queue area.

racers 6.bmp

More queue. As you walk through, you start to see remains of an ancient temple.

racers 7.bmp

More ancient temple ruins, and a tunnel.

racers 8.bmp

The beginning of the stairs.

racers 9.bmp

The tower and station of the slide.

racers 10.bmp

Walking up the stairs to get to the slides.

racers 11.bmp

The station platform and the 4 racing slides.

racers 12.bmp

The 4 slides.

racers 13.bmp

The red and green parts of the slide.

racers 14.bmp

The yellow and blue parts of the slide.

racers 15.bmp

All 4 slides right before the big drop.

racers 16.bmp

Another view of all 4 slides.

racers 17.bmp

The slides and the rocks.

racers 18.bmp

The ancient temple ruins, and hey look! There's a waterfall off the back of the rocks!

racers 19.bmp

The final part of the slide.

racers 20.bmp

The exit part of the slide. There is a waterfall which you go under to finish.

racers 21.bmp

Another view of the exit area.

racers 23.bmp

A Mayan statue, probably part of the temple ruins.

racers 24.bmp

Another view of the slide.

racers 25.bmp

A final view of the whole slide.

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Hey guys, so this is the 2nd update of my new waterpark, Water Mania. In this update I show the new entrance plaza and a new ride called Shark Attack. Hope you guys like it.

Entrance plaza 1.bmp

The entrance/turnstiles. This is not new.

Entrance plaza 2.bmp

So the new entrance plaza is full of trees, bushes, railings, and islands.

Entrance plaza 3.bmp

More of the entrance plaza.

Entrance plaza 4.bmp

Entrance plaza 5.bmp

Entrance plaza 6.bmp

The plaza also features a built in lake.

Entrance plaza 7.bmp

Another view of the lake.

Shark Attack 1.bmp

This is the new ride, called Shark Attack. It is 2 body slides called Great White and Hammerhead.

Shark Attack 2.bmp

The Entrance to Shark Attack.

Shark Attack 3.bmp

The following are pictures of Shark Attack. Great White is just a drop, while Hammerhead features multiple dips.

Shark Attack 4.bmp

Shark Attack 5.bmp

Shark Attack 6.bmp

Shark Attack 7.bmp

Shark Attack 8.bmp

Shark Attack 9.bmp

Shark Attack 10.bmp

Shark Attack 11.bmp

Shark Attack 12.bmp

Shark Attack 13.bmp

Shark Attack 14.bmp

Shark Attack 15.bmp

Shark Attack 16.bmp

Shark Attack 17.bmp

Shark Attack 18.bmp

Shark Attack 19.bmp

Shark Attack 20.bmp

Shark Attack 21.bmp

Shark Attack 22.bmp

Shark Attack 23.bmp

Shark Attack 24.bmp

Shark Attack 25.bmp

Shark Attack 26.bmp

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Sup, so this is the 3rd update of my Waterpark, Water Mania. This update features a new ride called Tiki Run.

Tiki 1.bmp

The Entrance sign to Tiki Run.

Tiki 2.bmp

The Entrance to Tiki Run.

Tiki 3.bmp

The exit/entrance.

Tiki 4.bmp

The first part of the queue line.

Tiki 5.bmp

The queue line.

Tiki 6.bmp

The queue tower.

Tiki 7.bmp

On the queue tower.

Tiki 8.bmp

The station.

Tiki 9.bmp

The station and first drop of the slide.

Tiki 10.bmp

The following photos are of/in/around Tiki Run. Tiki Run is hybrid water coaster.

Tiki 11.bmp

Tiki 12.bmp

Tiki 13.bmp

Tiki 14.bmp

Tiki 15.bmp

Tiki 16.bmp

Tiki 19.bmp

Tiki 21.bmp

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What's up ya'll so this is the 4th update of Water Mania. This update features a new family play area, called Water Wonderland. It has 4 slides, lots of fountains, a rope bridge, and a water bucket.

wonderland 1.bmp

wonderland 2.bmp

wonderland 3.bmp

wonderland 4.bmp

wonderland 5.bmp

wonderland 6.bmp

wonderland 7.bmp

wonderland 8.bmp

wonderland 9.bmp

wonderland 10.bmp

wonderland 11.bmp

wonderland 12.bmp

wonderland 13.bmp

wonderland 14.bmp

wonderland 15.bmp

wonderland 16.bmp

wonderland 17.bmp

wonderland 18.bmp

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