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[RCT3] New Indoor Park

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First Update!


We were able to buy some land from Cross_Cutter amusements to build an indoor park! They said that I was allowed to show pictures of the entrance. Here they are.


A nice view of the entrance:



Another nice view:



Update 2 coming soon! More updates coming.

something Big is happening soon!


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I can understand the building is dark, when you pay your electric bill you'll get some better pictures. Just kidding of course, I've never seen an rct3 indoor park, good idea!

Go to youtube and search for Alloria. You will be amazed.


Back on topic, your pics are also black for me. Sooo... can't really say anything about your park

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Now that you have seen the pictures, its your turn to come up with the name of the park. Cross_Cutter amusements has provided me with 4 names to choose from.

They are:



1. windy garden amusement park


2. epic thrillz amusement park


3. people's choice amusement park


4. raw entertainment amusement park


that's it! TPR, you now have 24 hours to come up with a name. The most votes will win.

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2nd update:


construction has gone along nicely to the park! We have bought a drop tower from Intamin called Sky Drop. It looks like it is a big hit!

You know, I heard Sky drop literally goes through the roof!


Here's Sky Drop:




More to come in the areas around Sky Drop soon!


Next update soon

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