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(RCT3) Americana Adventureland

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I've been working on this park for a few days now, and I'd like to show off this timeline park.



Hello, one and all! I am Jared Hensley, and I'm here to show you the theme park I operate! This park, called Americana Adventureland, is my pride and joy, and is based about halfway between Omaha and Lincoln, Nebraska! This park originally opened in March 1995, with 15 rides (including 3 roller coasters!). Currently we are here in 1999, and have come 4 profitable years and 5 ride additions since opening. Recently in 1998, I sold the park to Six Flags, which is how I went from owner to manager. Though Six Flags did not completely rebrand the park, we are now allowed to use all the themes and characters from DC and Warner Bros, ranging from Superman to Bugs Bunny! I'd now like to show you some pictures.



Here is the entrance. Very nice looking, isn't it?



Here is a picture of the fountains, gates, and the entrance from inside the park.



Here is a shot down the midway, which has many buildings and rides!



Here is a aerial picture of some of the buildings.



Our first installed attraction, the Flying Carousel, is the first ride on the midway.



This is the Octopus ride, a family favorite!



Tilt-A-Whirl, a classic!



This is Paratrooper, a fun family ride.



Here is Terror Twister, our first installed coaster! It is the very first Vekoma SLC 689m, and is the only one remaining with 8 car trains.



It flies along through 5 inversions at speeds up to 55 mph!



Here is the end of the midway, with two nice buildings.



Here is the Hensley Restaurant (The staff so kindly named it after me). It is the park's largest restaurant!



The Hensley Restaurant is very popular!



Here is the path leading to the further-out section of the park, in between Terror Twister and Vortex (We'll get to that soon enough).



This is Double Shot, one of S&S's first tower rides!



Here is Orbit, a Shwarzkopf Enterprise!



Buccaneer, a swinging ship.



In park McDonald's!



The Grand Ferris Wheel is giant!



Here is the Tea Cups and the back half of Vortex.



Vortex is the park's B&M standing coaster. It is a clone of Iron Wolf at Six Flags Great America, but has updated trains and other mechanics.



Here are the Go-Karts, new for 1997. This fun, free go kart track has a cycle of 10 laps!



The Go-Karts have a nice, custom made station.



This is the entrance to Viking Voyage, a splash boat ride! It opened in 1997.



Here is an overview of Viking Voyage.



This ride has a nice custom structure!



Here are DragonWing and Frightful Ferry, 2 family flat rides.



Here is the park's kid coaster, Happy Mountain. It is a wacky worm style coaster. Across from this is Parachute Drop.



Here is Frisbee, new for this year (1999). We got it from the German fair circuit, scenery and all!



A front view of Frisbee.



This is Plummit Summit, the park's Intamin drop tower! New for 1998.



Here is the entire tower! It is more than 200ft tall!



Here is Jet Scream, new for 1998! We received the ride from Six Flags St. Louis when Six Flags bought us.



Here is more of Jet Scream, including the station.



Here is the overview of the entrance.


That's it for pictures! You may have noticed, all the queues in the park are split in two. That is because of a cut-the-line system I developed! For $25, you can skip the lines for any of the park's 20 rides and attractions! When Six Flags bought us and saw this system, they have thought about including it into many of their parks! Myself and Six Flags have officially decided a name for the system, "Flash Pass". Thank for your time, and I can't wait to see you in the next update!



Feedback appreciated!

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Thanks for the replies! I added more foliage to the back of the park (Not too much, though) and modified Viking Voyage.



Hey everyone, Jared Hensley again. This fine October has been a great month for the park! Just take a look at the pictures:



Riders enjoying Terror Twister!



Being flipped upside-down while standing up is a joy!



Here is Parachute Drop!



Frisbee doing it's thing!



Viking Voyage got modified after some slight flooding. It's drop has been lengthened further down so the water level is lower, too. It has a second lift at the end of the splashdown, as seen in this picture. With the larger drop there is a bigger wave!



What's this? Land Clearing? Must be a new ride for the park's 5th anniversary ;D


Six Flags and myself have already decided on the new ride. What do you think it will be? Also, Six Flags has talked with me about adding a Halloween event to the park, called "Fright Fest"! It will come into effect next year!



What do you think the new ride will be? That plot of land is pretty big!

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^I would like to use a woodie, but I will wait till someone finds a nice NL track to turn into a CT over at RealTycoon3. In the meantime I will only be using steel CT's. Besides, if you look close at the actual plot, you realize it is too small for a good wooden coaster. So ruling out a woodie for a few seasons until a CT is made, sorry


EDIT: I have all the Fright Fest mazes planned out from 2000-2004 already

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I like your park, but none of it is themed. There's no reason for Viking voyage to be called Viking voyage. Imagine if that was in a park. You just went up with no type of theming at all around you, facing out into empty grass. Then you turned and dropped. That was the ride you waited twenty minutes in a unthemed queue for.


You make nice buildings yet all of the rides have the same open queue design with a big shelter thing over them. This is really most noticeable on the gokarts. It's just track no run off area if you crash, no entry building to put on your helmets and stuff. A lot of it is very plain.


That said some foliage would go a long way and I do like your buildings.

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@Sackninja - I think the park is relatively themed, and most of the stuff you said about the go-karts isn't exactly necessary. I've never seen any park make you put on helmets when riding the go-kart track, nor have I ever seen a run-off lane for crashing.


@vekoma_fan - You can get the SLC at Realtycoon3.com. Go to the downloads page (There are many other CT's there, too) and find the SLC by "Cinipaes", who made the CT I'm currently using.


@Koasterking48 - I'll work on it.


@Everyone Complaining About Foliage - I've been slowly adding more and more foliage, but I'm trying to keep my FPS up.



Hello again, everyone! I, Jared Hensley, am proud to be opening Americana Adventureland's new coaster for the park's 5th anniversary, Boomerang! The ride stands 116ft tall and reaches 47 mph! It is the park's first shuttle coaster, which means the ride goes through the course forwards AND backwards! This means the ride's 3 inversions (points when the track goes upside-down) are traversed twice! And that means you go upside-down a total of 6 TIMES, the most in the entire park! It's 935ft of track is located near the back of Americana Adventureland, with other fan favorites such as Jet Scream, Panic Plunge, and Frisbee! Boomerang was manufactured by Vekoma of the Netherlands, and is the 5th coaster in Americana Adventureland's exciting ride line-up! Here are some pictures of a few hours before the ride opened:



The ride sure is stunning with it's yellow and red color scheme.



Another beautiful view!



The ride has a nicely done queue surrounded on 2 sides by roses!



The ride has a evacuation platform incase of valleys.



The ride has a very pretty wooden station!


We think the ride will be successful, because when I rode it, the ride was smooth and forceful! In the meantime, Americana Adventureland and Six Flags are working together to work on Fright Fest, a Halloween event! We have decided on three mazes:


Vampire Mansion - This creepy walk through is were you get chased around by a family of Vampires!

Zombie Camp - Watch out, don't become their next victim! When you stumble upon this abandoned, zombie infested camp, you have to run from the devilish monsters!

Happy Mountain Haunt - Behind the joy-themed kid's coaster, crazy clans of ghoulish monsters will catch you if you don't escape their clutches!


The staff here at Americana Adventureland are very excited for this event, and so am I! That's all we have for now, see you in the next update!



The question is, are YOU excited for Fright Fest? I'm excited to see how I can implement this attraction!

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While the go karting stuff isn't strictly necessary it makes it look nicer. Just some generic race themeing would go a long way. (Here in Ireland and when I went in europe you had to put on helmets). The viking voyage just seem very bare the me. Building a hit under it to cut dwn the size of the supports would help a lot but I think just a few viking style things would help a lot. That said the buildings are great, as are the coasters and besides those two rides I find the lack of themeing fine. It may be I'm just used to Disney level of themeing that you see on shyguys world.


Here are some viking sets I found.





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@sackninja - I may add something to Viking Voyage, just not in this update.



Hello again, it's Jared Hensley. I am proud to announce that Fright Fest was a major success this year, and for 2001 we will be extending it through September and October, making it the longest lasting Halloween event in the world! I took some pictures the night before the start of the event, and the mazes are so creepy to go through alone!



Fright Fest!



Creepy monster effects have been added everywere!



Terror Twister got a nice foot chopper during fright fest, it is right before the sidewinder element.



Our first haunt, Vampire Mansion!



You walk into the mansion were terrible vampires find you!



You run out the back down a dark scary path through the woods!



Demented trees are all around!



The forest is terrifying! (I love the look of Vortex at night)



The effects are so realistic!



You escape the Vampires' clutches.



Our next haunt, Zombie Camp!



You find yourself walking through an abandoned camp...



Run as the Zombies are awaiting you..



You are chased around the camp, looking for shelter...



But the building you find is the Zombies' gathering place!



Luckily you find your way out before the Zombies eat you!



Our last maze, Happy Mountain Haunt!



You walk down one entry/exit path to get to the main area for this haunt!



The creepiness begins!



The pure terror behind an innocent kid's coaster...



The haunt's main effect, the giant skull!! Yes you can go inside it and get pictures..



Skulls on sticks...



Here is the last part of Happy Mountain Haunt, with the cauldron of fire! After this, you exit down the path you entered.



To close off the pictures, here is Boomerang at night.


With how great the park's been going, especially with this event, we hope to have Fright Fest every year from now on!On a side note, next year we plan on removing "The Flash Pass" from a lot of attractions that don't need it. Update on that next year!



What did you think of Fright Fest? I loved making it. See you in the next update!

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^Thanks for the feedback! Yes, next year will have MUCH more scenery



I'm coming from opening day 2001. The park has lots of visitors today! I will show you our new-for-2001 attraction, Chaos! I will also show you pictures of lines from rides were the Flash Pass was removed.



Here is Chaos, the park's first ride ever to be built without Flash Pass.



Double Shot doin' it's thang! It did not get Flash Pass removed.



Frisbee was the first ride to lose Flash Pass.



Happy Mountain was next.



Tea Cups had it's line completely redone when Flash Pass was removed.



Buccaneer's new line.



DragonWing now lacks Flash Pass.



Frightful Ferry was the last ride to lose Flash Pass.



Remains of Happy Mountain Haunt. This site will be reused again.



Zombie Camp site stripped bare.



Guests enjoying Vortex.



Jet Scream's signature element.



I'll end with a picture of Boomerang.


Just to inform you, Vampire Mansion, Happy Mountain Haunt, and Zombie Camp will return this year with more themeing. More Halloween scenery will decorate the park as well! Also, for 2002, we plan a new ride. It will be the same model as a few rides that opened at other Six Flags parks this year. I'm excited! Can't tell you what it is yet, though. I have sealed lips!



What do you think the new ride will be?

Edited by IronWolfman
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Probably Deja Vu or V2, but the latter is more likely because Six Flags basically condemned Vekoma after the tragedy of the Deja Vu clones.

I think V2 also but Stunt Fall at Warner Bros. Madrid was built in 2002. At the time, it was owned by Six Flags. So a Vekoma GIB isn't totally out of the question.

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@All who replied: Thanks for commenting! I'm not revealing which coaster it is, but the answer is 1 of those 4



It's not quite Fright Fest yet, but the park is making improvements before next year's coaster (confirmed as a coaster!). Take a look!



Some flowers! More will be added in upcoming seasons.



Here they come!



Vampire Mansion, awaiting it's reuse this fall.



Viking Voyage got a major themeing update! 4 anchored boats in the splash pool and other effects/scenery!



Full view of Vortex!



It's scary being more than 200ft up!



Safely on the ground after a frightful drop!



2 flats, 1 shot.



Buccaneer is flying!



What are they thinking right now?



I'll end with a nice picture of the Go Karts.


With it coming quickly, we have to get ready for an even larger 2001 Fright Fest! 2 months long, and MUCH more scenery! See you then!



Thoughts on Viking Voyage's new themeing? I personally like it! Are you excited for 2001's lengthy Fright Fest? Or does 2002's new coaster intrigue you more?

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@djboss302 - Thanks! Today you get Fright Fest, AND the announcement!



Hey everybody, I'm here at Fright Fest! Not many people in the walk-through mazes but it's getting late and many people have left (It's 1 am now). I have many pictures to show you the amazing things the park did this year for Fright Fest!



Welcome to Fright Fest!



The Main Street Gargoyle is back!



A creepy gravestone!



Time to stop at our first maze, the returning Vampire Mansion!



Some new effects, some old effects.



The skeleton in a crow's nest.



After the success of Happy Mountain Haunt's Skull picture place, Vampire Mansion got this scenic piece to to take a picture with!



A new exploding grave skeleton effect has been added.



Here is the most expensive piece of Fright Fest, the Giant Tree! It is over 100ft tall!



Here is a massive skull!



Zombie Camp returns this year!



Relatively similar to last year, but still great!



Here is the new picture taking piece for Zombie Camp, a warrior who died fighting the Zombies.



The Zombie Room is back!



Vortex got creepy Demon Hands as an effect for the prelift.



Bones showed up around the Go Kart track!



A scary tree!



Happy Mountain Haunt has returned also!



This maze (along with the other mazes if you haven't noticed) got a queue line and an exit path. No Flash Pass for mazes as of right now.






These open up to reveal the spikes inside!



The Giant Skull is back, ready for pictures!



A new Mummy effect!



The firepit!



Another new thing this year is the Pumpkin Patch, a more family orientated haunt with staff passing out free candy to kids and for you can by one of the pumpkins!



Here is an Overview of the new site, between Boomerang and Happy Mountain Haunt.



Boomerang got some weird bones as a head chopper for Fright Fest. I like them!



I'll end with a nice picture of Terror Twister in the dark!


Fright Fest has been amazing this year and it has been a huge success so far, starting in September and going to the end of the year. I can't wait for next year!.. On that subject, I took pictures at the new ride announcement for next year and forgot to post them here! My apologies. Be excited, because for 2002 we are getting V2: Vertical Velocity! Press release:


"New for 2002 is V2: Vertical Velocity. Powered by state-of-the-art Linear Induction Motors (LIMs), V2 challenges conventional thrills by boldly going higher and faster. Originally developed for use by NASA, V2: Vertical Velocity's LIMs harness magnetic power to provide pure acceleration, launching riders at 70 M.P.H. in less than four seconds. V2: Vertical Velocity rockets suspended riders through 630 feet of U-shaped, twisted steel track. Once fired out of the station, the vehicle rockets up a 185-foot spiral tower providing the ultimate vertical twist! After traversing the first peak, the guests swoop backward through the station and up a second, 185-foot tower. The ride repeats twice with riders going vertical three times to the front and two times to the back of the track. At the completion of the powerful, lightning-fast journey, guests have ridden over 2,700 feet of steel, challenging the laws of physics and gravity with pure V2: Vertical Velocity."


Aren't you excited? I know I am! Here are 2 pictures from the announcement, looking at the plot of land.



Here is an overview of the plot.



V2: Vertical Velocity will be next to Boomerang and Chaos.


That's all for this update! Check back in next year for V2: Vertical Velocity's media day.



Yes I borrowed and modified the press release of V2 (SFGAm) from RCDB. I'm excited to build V2 and am proud of Fright Fest for the 2001 season. Thoughts?

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