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Photo TR: The World Famous Nurburgring!


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Hey guys!


I recently returned from a trip to Germany where I was able to stop by the Nurburgring! There isn't much info on the site about the attractions, so I thought I would do a quick Photo TR. Obviously the racetrack is best known here for the notorious Ring Racer coaster, but it turns out there is a whole mini theme park here. Besides the coaster, Nurbirgring also features a 4D movie, a motion simulator, a trackless dark ride, a walkthrough attraction, and a rotating theater.


Also... in terms of visiting the park.... it is located in between Klotten and Phantasialand. We were easily able to spend the morning at Klotten, drive to Nurburgring, and still have some time get in some rides at Phantasialand in the evening.



Anyways... here's a handful of pics.


We're here! Welcome to the Nurburgring!


Visitor parking is located across the street. I think it cost us 5 euro to park here


There is a pedestrian bridge to bring you from the parking lot to the visitor area.


Ring Werk is the "park" section of the Nurburgring. It features a motion simulator, a 4D movie, a trackless darkride, a rotating theater, several interactive exhibits... and of course the notorious Ring Racer roller coaster. Lets take a look inside!


There is a giant park map that hangs over the turnstiles into Ring Werk


Once inside, the place opens up to this central area. It is filled with several racing exhibits as well as the entrances to the attractions.


As you can imagine.. everything here is racing themed!


Starting out with the walk through attraction, this exhibit takes you into racing science


It features several interactive exhibits geared towards different aspects of racing technology


Motor Mania is the park's trackless dark ride.


Here is the loading platform. Lets go for a spin!


Most of the ride takes place in this large central room. You compete for points by shooting the targets.


You pull out of the room into dead end corners. There is a video screen that comes on with some dude that talks to you in German.


Overall, the ride was "ok". Definitely interesting


Next up is the simulator! It is themed to a bus ride


We start out on a harmless bus tour of the German countryside, but due to a detour we end up on the race track. Chaos ensues!


Oh hey, they also have a coaster here. Guess what? It's still closed.


But here's a picture anyways...


It goes over stuff and stuff


Probably the coolest (open) attraction at the Nurburgring was the rotating theater.


The theater tells the history of racing at the Nurburgring


Yay Racing!!!


Outside of the Ring Werk "park", there is an open public area that does not require an admission fee. Notice the Ring Racer track in the ceiling.


It was kinda sketchy. It was pretty much a flea market.


Also, just a lot of random open space. I'm sure this area looks much different when a race is going on, but on a normal day is felt pretty weird.


On your way out, don't forget to stop by the gift shop for plenty of Nurburgring merchandise. Anybody want a sandwich press?!?!


That's all I have! Thanks for reading!

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^Keep in mind that Ring Werk is actually at the F1 circuit and not on the full course. They had some sort of race going on the weekend we were there so I didn't see a way to get in to the stands without a ticket. I agree though, I'd love to do a lap on the real North ring one day (unfortunately didn't work out this visit).


They also require you to use a "Ring Card" to make purchases within the "park". We got lunch, put 10 Euros on the card, and had pay with the card. I think we both had like 1.50 Euro leftover that we couldn't use anywhere else, so that was sort of annoying.


Overall though it was really cool inside, and you could tell they spent a lot of money on it. It was just sort of empty all around when we were there.

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