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Walt Disney World or Disneyland Resort?

Which RESORT do you like more WDW or DLR?  

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  1. 1. Which RESORT do you like more WDW or DLR?

    • WDW
    • DLR

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Although WDW is a lot larger.... Park wise, I think if you compare DL and DCA to any two parks over here there's no contest. Soarin', Screamin' Maliboomer, ToT, Aladdin, and Grizzly Falls are all amazing, and I prefer most of the DL attractions over WDW's versions. But in overall atmosphere, WDW is better because its not in a downtown area and HUGE.



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oh... this is good...


Now... I don't claim to be a WDW expert... I've only been there once (so far). But here's my take...


Disneyland Park vs. Magic Kingdom

-Attractions: I give the edge to Disneyland. While Magic Kingdom does have a much better version of Splash Mountain along with Hall of Presidents, Mickey's PhilharMagic, Tomorrowland Transit Authority, Astro Orbiter and Carousel of Progress. The rest of the attractions at the park are either the same or just not as good as Disneyland's versions. Disneyland has better versions of Winnie The Pooh, Haunted Mansion, Pirates of The Caribbean, Big Thunder Mountain Railroad, Jungle Cruise, Enchanted Tiki Room, and Space Mountain. This is in addition to stuff like Indy, Alice in Wonderland and Matterhorn that you won't find in Florida.

-Atmosphere: I give this edge to Magic Kingdom. I love Disneyland, I really do. I even like it's dinky little castle. But there's something to be said for the Magic Kingdom and the sheer size and beauty. The park reall has a great deal more details to it. Things are just that much better done. But this is what happens when you have an original concept... then give it time to mature and progress, as well as the money to do things on the scale that gives validity to the overall vision. Granted, Disneyland's Adventureland is much better as a whole, as is Disneyland's Toontown in comparison to Florida's horrific Mickey's Toontown Fair crap. And of course, Anaheim does have New Orleans Square (which is my favorite land in a theme park this side of Epcot). But it's the overall size and detail of the Magic Kingdom that I love so much. It's just incredible!


I love Disneyland for some things... but I love Magic Kingdom for others. Being someone who could just sit, relax and read a book for hours in a theme park. I'd be more inclined to pick Magic Kingdom just for that fact... but if I'm in more of a mood for rides, I'd rather have Disneyland.


As for the other parks... things like Epcot's size, Illuminations, and cheese-ball rides like Spaceship Earth really make me love that place. MGM is the one park that I can't quite decide what I think of it... do I love it, or do I wonder what the hell it wants to be. But I like it more than I hate it. And Animal Kingdom, despite what I probably lead on in my updates is incredibly pretty (when you don't think about Dinoland at all)... things like the African Harambe village are just great! I love that sort of theme. Africa has always been a great interest to me, and I think they did a hell of a job recreating that sort of environment there.


Then there's things like DCA. Which, while I love it... after seeing a few things like Islands of Adventure and Epcot, really shows me how uninteresting California really is as the basis for a theme park. That's not to say that DCA is a horrible park, it really isn't. But there were so many other opportunities that they probably could've explored while retaining some of the same ride concepts. Especially since things like the rapids rides and coasters had been in development since WestCOT 1.0 (African rapids ride, and coaster along the great wall of China).


And of course... comparing Downtown Disneys is just retarded... DLR's version can't even begin to compare. It's like debating whether you prefer moldy nasty rotten food over filet mignon... you sure as hell aren't going to want that moldy crap when presented with good stuff.


All in all... just for its size and variety, I have to say I prefer Walt Disney World, hands down. But I still love Disneyland and DCA.


Jim "Goin' through a bad case of 'I hate So Cal parks' right now" Disney

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^ We all go through it Jim...you'll get over it and appreciate the SoCal parks for what they are...and the fact that they're open year round...well except for Knotts which likes to close if it's cloudy outside!


I like WDW better. I thought of a reason that hasn't been brought up yet either...WDW has MANY less locals! I really think it's a much different atmosphere when you're at a park where people have saved up a year to travel to...people who are still impressed with stuff...nasty people who don't look like they're there just because of a 2fer offer!


Elissa "plus I got married there!" Alvey

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I like WDW better. I thought of a reason that hasn't been brought up yet either...WDW has MANY less locals! I really think it's a much different atmosphere when you're at a park where people have saved up a year to travel to...people who are still impressed with stuff...nasty people who don't look like they're there just because of a 2fer offer!

This was something I noticed the first day... people were nicer... and it just had a much happier vibe because of this. Kids weren't climbing through all the planters or stuff like that... you never really heard "Please do not climb on the hand railing!" or any of the typical things you hear at DCA or KBF. It just didn't have the rude vibe you get from the local parks here...

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I voted for WDW. However, I will say that I do like the smallness of Disneyland. A majority of the rides there seem to be better quality (the castle is NOT one of them!). Indy is 1000X better than Dinosaur, Pirates I like better in Cali, Haunted Mansion, Toontown, etc, plus they have Cali Screamin. But there is so much more to do at WDW. Its not really fair to compare them. Breaking it apart into Magic Kingdoms is one way to do it, and if that's the case, the winner to me is DLP (of the 3 I've been to). I like Disneyland just because I'm getting lazy, and even on vacation, I don't feel like walking too far, which you have to do if you want to do all of the same rides that WDW has.


I like the separation of WDW, the selection of other things to do, the friendliness, and the ability do always have something to do, even if one park is crowded. A wide variety of food places, hotels, and the whole general aspect of being a vacation resort more so than the overall "ghetto"ness of DLR is more visually pleasing. I also like WDW because I can fly there and it won't screw up my day like a flight to California does. Oh yeah, plus I lived nearby for 4 years. In fact, I'd be going to WDW soon, if not for evil cheerleaders.


Derek "Florida-biased" Ruth

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I voted for WDW over DL for many of the same reasons that other people have pointed out. Although I actually prefer MK over DL because of the size that MK is. Too many times have I had to push my way through the crowds in the claustrophobic Disneyland. I don't really have any biases one way or the other towards the different versions of most attractions at either Magic Kingom. They both have thier plusses and minues. Yay for Indy, Boo for Stitch....Yay for Peoplemover, Boo for Tomorrowland...etc, etc....


Personally, though, the Magic Kingdoms are the Disney parks I spend the LEAST amount of time in (Well, ok, other than Animal Kingdom, but I don't count that as a Disney park....yet. ) I think I go to DCA, MGM, and Epcot 10 times to every 1 visit I make to a Magic Kingdom.


I've just been on Pirates, Haunted Mansion, Small World, Star Tours, etc SOOOOOO many times in my life that I feel like I just don't need to ride them anymore. And when it comes to coasters, as much as I LOVE both coasts versions of Big Thunder and Space Mountain, I'd rather be riding Tower, Screamin', or Test Track.



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I think comparisons are unfair but I did vote for WDW (because I'm unfair).


Now, I live I guess on what used to be WDW property (or still is?) so, that might explain that.


But here are my observations of having lived here for nearly a year and having visited WDW just as many times as I've visited DLR over my few years in So. Cal.



I like the parking at DL. For some reason, finding a sweet spot at Downtown Disney and taking a nice walk is a whole lot cooler than parking at Main M.K parking lot or the Wedding pavilion and taking Grand Floridians' Monorail over. I think the whole parking structure/tram/park front door is awesome and is something MK or pretty much any park at WDW lacks. Perhaps I need to get a Disney Dining Card, valet for free at GF and do that. But then I have to buy a meal. Epcot I have my secret. But what about MGM or A.K (which I've been too like 2 x -- that park is not the least bit entertaining). I think the whole Parking Structure (never been to Disneyland before that) thing is awesome...and I'd love to see DisneyWorld do that down the road (20 years) with a sweet Mega Wide Maglev taking you door to front door to all the 3 parks (And downtown Celebration).



Funny we are talking about 'ghetto' factor here. True, Disneyland's crowds can be 'local'. But I think Downtown Disney Orlando is GHETTO central. I like the architecture better at DD DLR with the whole density thing going on and with some nice (classy) restaurants there. We don't have classy restaurants at DD Orlando. And the best hotel nearby is, well...what that DVC place Saratoga what now? If I don't like the restaurants at DD DLR, I have a whole lot to choose from at GCali or just walk into DCA from there too and check out (what used to be) their great restaurants.


I seriously don't feel too safe here at DD Orlando. I was accosted by a drunk guest while buying a ticket to La Nouba, I won't say more.


GHETTO! So I like the Downtown Disney at DLR better, even though its smaller. Its also got a Monorail (although that can get busy beyond considering it for use) and a delux hotel nearby. Do you all want our Pleasure Island too? Not a favorite destination of mine, and I hate being forced to walk through that place to get to the old Downtown Disney (which is actually pretty cool). That place need serious refurb.




I don't want to spend too much time on this debate but, its true, DL is more dense with attractions. BUT that works against it too -- can get very tight with Fantasmic in the evenings (Fantasmic here sucks btw imo)...(I was in Adventureland today by Alladins carpet ride -- too tight there too actually). I personally like how quaint it is at DLR. And I do miss that -- at times.


We have no New Orleans, but A) Our Space is open and B) is the original, and kicks Disneyland's but. That said. I still like Splash at Disneyland better and HM (although I like the building of HM at WDW better). Pirates is a joke here, we all know that, although our exterior theme-ing is cohesive (nothing says Pirates of the Caribbean than the Bayou of Louisiana?)--and I've yet to ride Jungle Fever Cruise here. I disagree with Jim. I think the Pooh Ride is better here. And at least Toontown Fair is open during the fireworks (it would be nice to clean that part of town up). I don't like the train ride -- you see waaay too much backstage here (under a road?!!) , oh yah, our castle kicks a$$.



I got tired of DL. Now I just have cheaper taxes and a larger playground?


Disneyland rocks, and so does WDW -- both for different reasons -- you just can't compare, its impossible. 27000 acres vs. what...500?


Sorry -- hard to do.

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I loved WDW each time I visited Orlando. The complex is so impressive and entertainment is very diverse. Yet, the thrill seeker in my likes DL far more than Magic Kingdom.


Magic Kingdom has a very grand feel, and it is great. Yet, at Disneyland, it feels cozy and more mature. At the Magic Kingdom, you feel like you are in a Florida theme park. That is fine. Yet, at Disneyland, you feel so isolated from the surroundings once inside the park. I don't think this will ever be accomplished at Magic Kingdom, which is kinda ironic.


Thrill rides attract me. Space Mountain in Disneyland was one of the best rides. I am really nervous the new version will not live up to the original. The Magic Kingdom Space Mountain is too tame, little forces, and far too bright inside. The absence of Matterhorn from Fantasyland always confuses me. Out of all the rides you could leave out of Fantasyland, why Matterhorn? The Magic Kingdom castle never really impressed me with the size difference. Disneyland castle seems a little more real, while Magic Kingdom castle is too "Disney." The location of our Splash Mountain is much more appropriate than in WDW. No Indy at Magic Kingdom. New Orleans Square has so much more character than Liberty Square in Magic Kingdom. And yes, Toontown in Disneyland is far better. I also like that fact that Disneyland is 50 years old and has the ride selection to prove it. WDW has the problem of having few attractions at each park. It's not too bad when you spend a week there, but for someone to pay one day admission for any of the Florida parks is insane.


Disneyland does need to replace the People Mover. To have this meandering track throughout Tomorrowland for no purpose is just not right. I also think Disneyland's audience would be a little older, more mature with local visitors. For that reason, I think Disneyland can pull off the original Alien Encounter. No Stitch!

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I really don't think they can be compared. It is comparing 4 parks, and 2 water parks against just 2 parks.


I want to know what people think in a ride vs ride way.


Is the WDW or DLR version better...

Tower of Terror

Space Mountain

Big Thunder


Haunted Mansion

Tea Cups

Autopia vs Indy Speedway

Indian Jones vs Dinosaur (ok, thats an easy one)

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WDW got my vote, For many reasons: You can "see" the castle, the rides are better, there are more parks, the theming, but I think the main reason is the awesome firework shows. Fantasmic is at both parks, but Wishes and the awesome Illuminations are spectcular.


Airtime "OK, I might be WDW biased since I was there twice and I wasnt at disneyland" 2000

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  • 3 years later...

I voted for Disney World for most of the reasons said before.

Better Tower, Better Space Mtn, Larger Variety, Visable Castle, More Parks and most importantly, Chinese Watermelon Soda!

But I also agree that it's hard to truely compare the parks since their so diffrent.

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I voted WDW because you emersed in Disney.

Even if you don't stay on property you are totally immersed. You have to try hard to be reminded that the outside world exists at WDW.


To make a food analogy (because I like food) Disneyland is like a "taste", a morsel, a sampler platter if you will...


But WDW is the smorgasbord, the 7 course meal, the buffet to end all buffets. It's more than just the parks, it's the restaurants, the resorts, the water parks, the shopping, the transportation, the landscaping, it's ALL around you.


There is so much Disney at WDW that it is nearly impossible to take it all in during one visit.


We have made "day visits" to Disneyland so many times and feel like in a day, we've covered pretty much everything we need to do.


But at WDW, even though we are frequent visitors, we need more than a day to feel like I really experienced everything I wanted to do.



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I like the charm of Walt Disney's original Magic Kingdom (Disneyland). In Florida, I don't feel it as much---perhaps because it's so much more spread out.


But comparing each resort as a whole, WDW wins out. You can spend a week there and still not see and do everything. Here in California, you're done in two days.


And their Tower of Terror is better.



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